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Mobilize Resources

We know without proper backing, your dreams will remain a dream and thus we help you secure the required resources to fulfil your mission and successfully reach your vision.

Resource Mobilization

For any novel idea to be put into action, set in motion requires energy which can only be provided by the resources. In this light, mobilising resources becomes a task of immense importance for the vision to come alive. For any development or social organisation raising resources remains an uphill task. To ask for monetary help, peoples expertise or time for the betterment of the world, in exchange for tangible nothing, runs against the logic of the prevailing transactional society. Therefore, focusing on resource mobilization emerges as a crucial factor.

We analyze your aspirations and various assessments to comprehend the spectrum segment you operate within, your established causes and targets, and the audiences you engage with. With this as the base, we study the funding landscape to find an opening where alignment can be found with your pursuits. With you we will also try to strike a balanced portfolio, rather than investing heavily in one basket. The resources are not merely limited to monitory means, it may also come in the form of skilled and motivated human resources dedicating their work and time, Or it may be a form of technical know-how or material help.       

Institutional Fundraising

We help you seek out long-term institutional support for your work

This can prove to be a great starting point for raising resources. Any institutional support to your cause will add to your credibility and enhance chances of raising other resources as well. With proper alignment, the institutional funding can be a great source of long-term flow of resources. The rigorous demand of the institutional setups may impel you to raise your standards too.

Corporate Fundraising

We let you get down to business and gather corporate support to deliver    

Any resource is a good resource if it helps you accomplish your mission. These days with mandatory CSR spending in place, corporations are also looking for a good match to fund and bring about social change. As you might already have a strategy in place to have a mixed portfolio of funders, it would be wise of you to look at the business landscape to seek partnerships.

Individual Fundraising

We help you raise friends for your cause, we believe the funds will follow

When you endeavour to raise funds from individuals, the benefit is not merely monetary, it is an opportunity for you to connect with the public and make them aware about your cause. As opposed to institutional or corporate funding, the motivation behind individuals supporting your cause is purely emotional, and thus valuable.

Emergency Fundraising

We prepare now to enhance your power to respond better when emergency strikes

The emergencies strike unannounced, and the response needs to be immediate. Scouting for resource planning after emergency hits, may make you miss the bus. It is prudent to be prepared proactively to respond to such situations. Already the time may be short to put the plan into action. Moreover, you will be busy managing the situation and may not have a calm to plan.

Shall we begin defining your purpose?