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Engagement Tools & Kits

We create unconventional aid materials to sensitively inform and educate people

To effectively convey challenging concerns to target groups, innovative IEC methods are essential. In addition to presentations, engaging tools become indispensable—cost-effective, user-friendly, and quick means of direct communication to reach many people at once.

Our approach focuses on delivering messages in innovative and captivating forms to motivate audience participation and capture complete attention. This enhanced engagement yields two positive effects: a deeper understanding of critical concepts and improved retention over a more extended period. Tailoring tools to the audience’s characteristics allows for adaptation across different mediums, aligning with diverse needs.

Functions under Engagement Tools & Kits


We innovate for you to engage and communicate in a fun way

Games are a powerful medium to deliver messages playfully, breaking the ice and surpassing social barriers. Our expertise lies in selecting appropriate games based on the topic and audience, investing time and energy in prototyping and testing before mass distribution.


We employ tactical leverages out of freebies and dole-outs

"Giveaways" serve as an innovative way to spread messages, offering a win-win situation. Ensuring the product's relevance and value to the audience, we evaluate costs and benefits to maximize impact.

Gadgets and Apps

We ideate and leverage technology to address social concerns

Adapting IEC materials to mobile and gadget-friendly formats, we utilize new media for a focused reach. This approach offers flexibility and real-time feedback opportunities.

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