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We understand exactly what it takes to make a difference. We offer intellectual frameworks, data driven insights, tools and practical solutions to enable your initiative and mame impactful decisions.


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Your compassion and generous backing lets the NGOs, CSOs, CBOs, etc. to go about doing their much needed work.

We resonate very well with the Foundations. At the level of purpose, we both want to enable development initiatives, so that they can do better and eventually build a better world together. Even in terms of scale and scope of impact we’ll both align smoothly like hand and glove. Belonging to the foundation setup with high ideals of human unity, we think beyond boundaries and barriers. Moreover, we are committed to the UN’s SDGs, which means we‘re compatible with your global goals and onboarding becomes only a matter of will. 

Strong organisations, leaders, and networks are crucial to foundations’ and nonprofits’ ability to achieve shared goals. Towards this end, we help you develop an understanding of native geographic and demographic terms. The knowledge derived from the understanding will help you make objective decisions. Furthermore, we work closely to share the knowledge internally gained from this entire process. While the majority of foundation shares at least some of its knowledge externally, they also say foundations are not sharing more due to a lack of capacity, a hesitancy to expose failure, and the difficulty of determining what information is useful to communicate. We can help you navigate through these challenges and find answers with you. 

We believe there’s an immediate need to close the gap between the support nonprofits need and the support foundations provide. We support foundations to better understand how they can work together on the ground to build organisations that are well positioned to make a difference. We adapt according to your type of foundation and deliver as per your needs. If your foundation is a philanthropic initiative of a high networth individual, our focus is directed towards the aspirations and expectations of the philanthropist. whereas, if your foundation is backed by a particular incorporation, we work specifically to your adopted mandate of change. Similarly, if your foundation is constituted by one or more institutions, then we orient ourselves according to the meta perspective. 

We have created a framework called ‘Inspiring Interactions’ to provide the foundations a general platform to start thinking from and plan accordingly.

We help

Create Longterm ​

A long-term strategy provides a roadmap for an organization to achieve its goals over time. This leads to better resource allocation, efficient use of funds, identification of opportunities and challenges, responsiveness to changes, and progress tracking towards goals.

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We help

Make grants​
and support further

Grant-making support provides funding to organizations working towards specific goals. It enables foundations to work collaboratively with communities and nonprofits to address social and environmental issues. With our support, foundations can expect to make more impactful grants that address the root causes of social problems.

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We help

Monitor ​
and Evaluate

The purpose of monitoring and evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of programs and initiatives. Monitoring and evaluation help organizations to determine if they are meeting their goals and objectives and to identify areas where they may need to improve. It also allows organizations to make data-driven decisions and to allocate resources more effectively.

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We help

Create Reports
and Casestudies​

The purpose of reporting and case studies is to provide an account of an organization's activities, outcomes, and impact. It also enables organizations to reflect on their work and to identify opportunities for improvement.

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Integral Focus

Inspiring Interactions

As a foundation or a philanthropic organization, your primary roles are sourcing, granting and tracking. Integral World’s programmes will enable you to perform these actions to your utmost ability. Our strategy related solutions will help you align with rightful sources, grant after taking into account the analysis of prevailing situations, other players, and tracking the conditions of constituents. The outreach will provide a congenial setting for the giving entities, help you know and build relationships with grantee organizations and above all, give you the pulse of the onground situation.

Let's help your foundation create lasting change!
We would love to provide consultation, collaborate and create something new together, or simply know you being from the same sector. Leave a message!
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We can think together, club together and work together to integrate resources to form a new initiative or idea.