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We help

Engage your Constituents

We take the information to your constituents in a responsible manner and inspire them to change their behaviour, increase participation and build their capacities.


Often neglected and sidelined, the communities at the margins remain unaffected by the modern developments of the world and at times are at the receiving end of the mindless greed of growth. Failing to keep up with the fast pace of the changing world, they remain disillusioned by the prevailing systems and advancing societies. It is important to secure their interest and handhold them through progress.

Our preferred mode of engaging your audience is storytelling. We rely on this ancient art blindly and irrespective of the demography and geography it works like magic. We conduct research into the lifestyle and aspirations of the target group and devise a plan accordingly. We make site visits and interact with your constituency closely to gain first-hand experience regarding the impact of your work. Using these insights, we weave your message within simple stories to appeal your audience. We test our ideas on a sample group and gauge the response before refining and finalising the engagement process.

Information Dissemination

We distribute information in a responsible and reliable manner for maximum reach

Even in this day and age, information is a privilege that only a few have access to. Lack of information can be crippling on certain marginalised and disadvantaged communities. At times, the logistics may not be the only constraining factor and the resistance may come from the community within due to misunderstanding or mere fear of change.

Behavior Change Communications

We get you to profoundly impact & positively change deep-rooted habits

We know old habits die hard and on top, it cannot be imposed from outside. We learn our habits consciously, subconsciously or even unconsciously and some of them could be the wrong ones. The behaviour in itself may not be too bad but the implication of it at times could be grievous in nature. A good behaviour-change communication could reset or make people unlearn certain habits.

Participation Encouragement

We help you engage your constituents by involving them in the change-making routine

We can only expect dynamic deep-down change with the wholehearted participation of the constituents themselves. You may achieve some extent of physical participation without the help of empathetic communication but the superficiality of the presence will soon stand exposed. Your aspiration and actions to see change is as good as the level of interest and participation of the constituents that you wish to focus on.

Capacity Building Modules

We develop training materials to build political, economical and social capacities

The unfortunate predicament of the underprivileged can only be changed by empowering them to choose their destiny themselves. The effects of all the great work that you do with the constituents to alleviate their challenges and emancipate their overall situation may tend to reverse when you close the tap of continued support.

Shall we take care of your Constituent Engagement?