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Purpose Definition:

Vision & Mission Statement

We believe purpose is pre-eminent to passion and performance.

Here, for the sake of understanding, let’s take the analogy of mountaineering. Before climbing, or reaching the basecamp, or even planning, the first step is to be inspired by the vision of the peak. Once the vision is clear of where to reach, the next step is to decide on the routes and setting different missions to reach the destination.

Our effort will be towards gathering relevant information and steer the conversation purpose-wise. We will remain neutral while always referring to the end-user perspective. At times, we’ll play the devil’s advocate to instigate and investigate the blind side. In the end, using various tools, we’ll deduce the deliberations to a simple big idea. Then, we’ll cherry pick the rightful missions, to be undertaken to realise the vision.

Functions under Vision & Mission Statement


Deeper questions are the means to profound answers

Our research starts with an inquiry. We have a detailed questionnaire which delves deeper into the multiple dimensions of setting the vision and subsequent missions. After the initial direct inquiry, we conduct secondary research into the visions and missions of other cooperators in the same field and see how you conform and set new inspirational norms.


Rallying thoughts and beliefs towards one big idea

During the workshop, we play the role of a conductor. We synthesise different musicians and their instruments into playing a harmonious note. Our pursuit is to understand your motivations and put them into perspective. Thanks to the preliminary research, we can bring multiple angles to the table and employ varied tools to marshall thoughts.


Documenting the process of distillation

Finally, we put together the whole process of research and the progress of the workshop into black and white. This eventually becomes a sacred document and serves as the north star for the organisation. The deliberations lets other new members know the extension of our imaginations and purpose behind the limitations.

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