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Resource Mobilization:

Institutional Fundraising

We help you seek out long-term institutional support for your work

This can prove to be a great starting point for raising resources. Any institutional support to your cause will add to your credibility and enhance chances of raising other resources as well. With proper alignment, the institutional funding can be a great source of long-term flow of resources. The rigorous demand of the institutional setups may impel you to raise your standards too.

The research activity plays a pivotal role in finding a perfect match in institutional scanning. The entire application process, including the waiting period and scrutiny time is long and straining. The gestation period of the exercise makes it difficult to gauge the efficacy of our action and correct courses. The correct research, deliberations and clear-cut definition will make the work fool-proof.    

Functions under Institutional Fundraising


We study the institutional funding landscape on your behalf

We look at multiple sources of institutional funding and study their pattern of choices and draw insights for you to benefit from. We also closely monitor other operators in your sector to observe and learn from their successes and mistakes. We also survey past projects and case studies to collect valuable Intel for you.


We conceptualise with you a robust way forward

The institutional resource mobilization initiative involves examining prior research, brainstorming, and conceptualizing next steps to seek support. It presents a chance to draw lessons from the past and assess current situations to propel positively into the future. We look at government, international non-governmental organisations, other funding institutions to find synthesis.


Our report proposes new avenues to probe further

The purpose of the report is to offer recommendations based on the findings and deliberations during the workshop. It contains information related to different funding avenues and their thematic concerns. This would enable your fundraising team to be well-informed while writing proposals and seeking partnerships.

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