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Public Relations Management:

Brand Mentions

We propagate your brand name through subtle mention in carefully crafted stories

If you believe in investing and strengthening your brand name, it would reap great rewards eventually. But, there has to be a long-drawn plan to tread on this route, and a dedicated, co-ordinated approach is required to see any results. Each action of yours adds to the aura of your brand and the PR related efforts may accentuate your image.

We understand the overall brand building exercise and use the PR related activities as a complimentary extension to that endeavour. We do our homework thoroughly on understanding your brand promises and personality. We deeply study the gamut of audiences who you wish to inform or transform and analyse their chosen mode of gaining information. Accordingly, we then look out for avenues that suit your purpose.

Functions under Brand Mentions

Organic placement

We attach your story to a naturally developing trend

One way to approach brand building is by taking a relaxed and consistent way getting your brand stories published organically. This means you keep offering your version of the story on your subject matter and wait for the news outlet to publish at their own discretion. Long-term relationships with the media’s editorial team may get you opportunities to voice your opinion regularly and keep your brand name in fresh memory.

Persuaded placements

We present your compelling story to make space for itself

Another method of getting your word out is taking a bit aggressive approach while canvassing for media mentions. This way you may have to entertain the media community in a generous manner to keep them in good books. Probably, you would have to hold regular events to engage and network with them. All this lobbying work may pay dividends in terms of favourable coverage of your actions and intentions.

Paid placements

When push comes to shove we pay for rewarding results

Finally, to keep the brand name floating in the news circles, you may choose to pay to get your article published. It is kind of a blend of advertising and editorial. Though, it may explicitly mention as ‘paid advertorial’, nonetheless, it seamlessly sits between other editorials. You can use this as an opportunity while crossing key milestones, and let your brand name get propagated.

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