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Make Sustainable Cities and Communities

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.​



Integral World aims to contribute towards building sustainable and resilient cities by advocating for inclusive urban planning and development models. It supports initiatives that enhance access to affordable and eco-friendly housing, promote sustainable transportation networks, and improve urban infrastructure aligned with environmental conservation. Integral World encourages the integration of green spaces, energy-efficient buildings, and sustainable waste management systems into urban landscapes. Through policy advocacy and multi-stakeholder collaborations, it strives to influence urban governance to prioritize cultural heritage preservation, public spaces accessible to all, and community-driven local development.

Integral World facilitates capacity-building programs and technical assistance to empower local communities and authorities in sustainable urbanization practices. It champions participatory processes that ensure marginalized groups’ voices are represented in urban planning decisions. By promoting holistic approaches balancing economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection, Integral World helps create livable, vibrant, and sustainable cities and communities worldwide.



Integral World strives to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable in line with SDG 11. We work towards helping provide adequate, safe, and affordable housing for all, with a focus on upgrading slums and informal settlements. By advocating for accessible and sustainable transport systems, we prioritize the needs of vulnerable groups.

Integral World promotes participatory urban planning and management, ensuring the involvement of civil society in decision-making processes and actioning pursuits. We support efforts to safeguard cultural and natural heritage, reduce disaster risks, and improve environmental quality in cities. We support initiatives to enhance public spaces and address issues like air quality and waste management, that aim to create healthy and inclusive urban environments. Integral World collaborates with local communities and governments to integrate sustainable practices into urban development, fostering resilience, resource efficiency, and inclusive growth. We provide support to least developed countries for building sustainable and resilient infrastructure using local materials, ensuring equitable and sustainable urban development for all.


  • Sustainable Urban Planning: Integral World promotes urban planning that prioritizes environmental sustainability, resilience, and inclusivity in creating sustainable cities and communities.
  • Affordable Housing: Integral World supports initiatives that enhance access to affordable and decent housing for all, ensuring inclusive and sustainable communities.
  • Efficient Transportation Systems: Integral World advocates for the development of sustainable and efficient transportation systems that reduce congestion, emissions, and promote accessibility within cities.
  • Infrastructure Improvement: Integral World works towards improving urban infrastructure to enhance connectivity, promote sustainability, and meet the needs of growing urban populations.
  • Green Spaces and Biodiversity: Integral World promotes the creation and preservation of green spaces, parks, and biodiversity within cities to improve the quality of life and ecosystem health.
  • Sustainable Waste Management: Integral World supports sustainable waste management practices, including recycling, waste reduction, and efficient disposal methods, to minimize environmental impact and promote cleanliness in cities.
  • Energy Efficiency: Integral World advocates for energy-efficient technologies and practices in buildings, transportation, and infrastructure to reduce energy consumption and mitigate climate change.
  • Inclusive Public Spaces: Integral World promotes the development of inclusive public spaces that are safe, accessible, and designed to meet the diverse needs of communities.
  • Cultural Heritage Preservation: Integral World emphasizes the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage within cities, recognizing its importance in fostering a sense of identity and community.
  • Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement: Integral World fosters collaboration among governments, communities, and organizations to collectively work towards creating sustainable cities and communities, leveraging diverse expertise and resources.
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