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Monitoring and Evaluation:

Gap Analysis

We help you dive deeper and see the gap and find ways to bridge it

In order to keep the progress in momentum it is imperative to frequently analyse the gaps, find ways to fix it and take next steps. Without understanding the deep root causes of new challenges and analysing it threadbare, your organisation will not be able to make substantial changes for positive impact. In these changing times, keeping up with the pace of the world and updating constantly is a game changing trait.

Our process of analysing the gaps starts with total scrutinisation of your monitoring and evaluation processes. We study the gap between your intention and your action during the workshop. We dig deeper into the broad problem that stood out in the research. Our effort remains to take a macro outlook and study the systematic fault, and not to pinpoint any person or position.

Functions under Gap Analysis


We check the impediments which widens the gap

While exploring we list down all small, big hurdles which pose challenges to your actions. We also study how the said action impacts the chain reaction. We try to observe the individual and group dynamics that drive these impediments and see how others in similar situations have reacted and overcome such barriers.


We help you mind the gap and also mend it

Enriched by the research we conduct the workshop in a safe and open environment. This enables free exchange of thoughts and observations, and helps you self-reflect and find faults without being clouded by bias or ego. This also provides an incredible opportunity to look from each other’s perspective and empathise with other team members‘ predicament.


We take you to the root of the matter to fix the fundamentals

Our report will help you plan the implementation in a better manner, reconsidering the key resources depending on the research and workshop outcomes. The findings presented here would let you know of the limitations and give you recommendations based on your purpose. The report will critically look at resources like manpower, money, minutes, materials and motivation.

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