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Systemic Analysis:

Sector and Scope Analysis

We understand your urge to fit in, and yet stand out.

As we all work in a busy and closely networked space, it’s nearly impossible to work with blinkers on. We need to study the surroundings and fellow players. Comparison is useful to gauge our standing in a larger picture. This may enable us to do better, and particularly, improve where we fall short.

We intensely study the sectoral behaviour and scope of work of similar organisations. We observe global, national and regional patterns within the theme you work on. We pick the key players, who are closely relevant to your line of work and, analyse their strengths and weaknesses vis-a-vis ours. We also identify new opportunities and potential threats through this process.

Functions under Sector and Scope Analysis


We sift through the sector, and hope to find new scope

After the thorough analysis of your organisation, we look into the operations of the sector at large and also at similar organisations in the cooperating space. This takes us on a worldwide macro journey to study the trends in various settings. Also, we take a micro look into your competitors, who offer similar solutions, and find ways to differentiate.


We look at the potential positive and negative implications

We bring our research and base the workshop on our study. We drive the discussion to find insights from the sector and get inspired by other organisations. We look at the strengths and opportunities to perform better. We become aware of the weaknesses and threats and find ways to fix it.


The report is to look at internal and external ramifications

With the report, we put forth the definitive factors to be proud or wary of. This will enable you to see what you do well and to do even better; to see the weaknesses and the need to improve; to see the opportunities and the ways to connect them with your goals; to look at the threats and device tactics to overcome the obstacles.

Offerings related to Systemic Analysis:
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