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Monitoring and Evaluation:

Diligent Monitoring

We are observant and cognisant of your actions vis-a-vis your aspirations and report diligently

Good planning is an essential element for any successful project, programme or organisation. While carrying out the actions according to the plan, it is crucial to combine it with an effective monitoring system. It can play a major role in enhancing the effectiveness of the development actions. A diligent monitoring setup will help you learn from past successes and challenges and inform decision making so that current and future initiatives are better able to improve people’s lives and make an impact.

Monitoring is a continuous assessment that aims at having a tab on the work progress and notice the key indicators as per requirement. We help you provide all stakeholders with early detailed information on the progress or delay of the ongoing assessed activities. It is an oversight of the activity’s implementation stage. Its purpose is to determine if the outputs, deliveries and schedules planned are on track, so that action can be taken if there is a lag or deficiencies as quickly as possible.

Functions under Diligent Monitoring

Periodic Monitoring

We take up timely and meticulous monitoring responsibilities

As most of the programmes and projects are committed to a specific timeline, time per se is the significant focus of monitoring actions. If the ill trends are not spotted and fixed at its bud, it could have a cascading effect and the final impact may probably be far more devastating. With you, we decide on the periodicity of the monitoring process according to different actions and we set the key indicators upfront, to closely monitor.

Performance Monitoring

We’re particular about efficiency and observe attentively

Resources are another critical aspect of project or programme management. Supply of money and materials are always limited and optimal and effective usage of them makes all the difference between success and left wanting. We understand the set criterion and notice the fluctuations in the performance of resource handling and flag whenever it peaks or sinks.

People Monitoring

We conscientiously keep track of hard-working actions

In the field of social transformation, people are the most important factor of success. We create systems to track the actions of manpower and find the highs and lows of their motivation. It is important to monitor the slack and try to keep the spirits up. We are cognizant of the difficulty in monitoring people’s actions and aligning them with the original plan. Pre-determination of targets and related indicators help in setting the agenda and monitoring thereof.

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