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Campaign for your cause

Sometimes it takes a little bit of nudging to make things right. Campaigning is a great tool of communication to drive people to do the right thing.


Campaigns, undertaken for specific purposes, can either be part of a larger strategy to advance your cause or a self-contained course of action with a definite purpose. Presenting your campaign as a standalone idea allows for an independent approach, attracting new audiences. This freedom may encourage other organizations to join forces, multiplying collective efforts.

We assist you in your campaigning activities, working towards your victory. Our expertise spans communication campaigns of various scopes related to awareness, mobilization, advocacy, and promotions. Whether it’s spreading awareness about your cause, sourcing resources, rallying opinions and policies, or promoting across the spectrum for further support, we help you conduct these campaigns in a continuous or one-off process.

Awareness Campaign

We believe knowledge leads to empowerment and spreading it would benefit us all.

There are times when awareness alone can bring about the desired change. People may require a little nudge, a push if you will, to make necessary behavioural change. There are many ills in our society which have risen out of pure ignorance, and knowledge is the only remedy. Sometimes, the need for awareness may be mandated by your action - awareness as a complementary requirement to carry out your work.

Advocacy Campaign

We know the importance of influencing the upper echelons of our society.

In any democracy or rule based society policies are made with the best of intentions in mind and for the benefit of the people. But nothing is foolproof and above the chances of errors by humans. Our role as a responsible member of a civil society is to highlight the shortcomings and empower our policy makers to take better decisions.

Mobilisation Campaign

We gather you momentum to raise support and resources for your cause

Mobilization campaigns are unique in a way that it demands the supporters to give something. Awareness campaigns ask people to know about things and advocacy campaigns request people to do some things. On the other hand mobilization campaigns drive people to give their time, money, support, etc. We support you in your endeavour to mobilize resources or moral encouragement.

Promotional Campaign

For the times when pushing the information by promotional methods is the only effective way.

At times your actions, ideas, or products may end up doing social good, but in an immediate sense might look no different than any ordinary supply of goods and services. Promotional campaigns could be undertaken for advertising and marketing related requirements. Essentially, it means to invest in pushing the supply, or creating a demand for what you have to offer.

Shall we begin campaigning for your cause?