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Plan the Implementation

We enable you to plan meticulously and optimally utilise your available resources or find feasible substitution to successfully accomplish your vision.


Any action taken on a first thought, first done basis will run the risk of depleting the available resources on unwanted and unimportant tasks. Implementation is like construction, undertaken after detailed architectural plans with preplanned, prescheduled stage-wise building process. Without the proper implementation plan the strategy will remain headless chicken heading in multiple directions without clarity and facing walls.  

Pragmatism is our mantra when we help you in your implementation planning process. We generally take you through five different aspects of resources which is required to successfully implement the plan. Generally the planning is related to the adequate procurement and conscious expenditure. First and foremost is the monetary resources, followed by manpower and motivation as resources for implementation. Another major aspect of the planning is managing the minutes, apart from securing the material resources vis-à-vis the infrastructure and technical know-how to carry out the action.

Monetary plan

We all know how our family expenses can go haywire without a proper monthly plan. Well it’s the same for the organisations too. The organisation needs to know the weight of the purse, And the length of the wish list. It is crucial to understand where the support may come from, how big it could be, and where it needs to be spent.

Manpower & Motivation Plan

We understand the power of right people in the social sector. In the development sector, we primarily work towards improving people's lives, directly or indirectly. It can only be done by having motivated people behind your cause, who are aligned with your aspirations and actions. Without appropriate people in the right places, doing the right work at the right time, things may not work as imagined.

Time Plan

They say time is money, when the resources are limited, it only makes obvious sense to make use of time optimally to save other resources also. To successfully carry out an action, multiple resources are required and all of them hinge on one crucial factor - time. Planning your time is mandatory for your own sake as well as other parties who are associated with your cause.

Material Planning

Most of the time you might have the will and most of the wherewithal to do certain things, But there could be certain abilities which you may be lacking in. With the help of material planning, you may look at the implementation plan from the perspective of expertise and know-how available at your disposal. This will help you prepare for or procure the missing link.

Shall we begin defining your purpose?