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We help

Define your purpose

We sail with destination in mind. Else, it’s just wandering without meaning. We help you find and define your purpose before you embark on any adventurous journey.


Your initiative is your dream and your vision. Our work is limited to helping you define it. We ask questions, a lot of them. We approach from different levels and angles. We work towards making the purpose simpler and clearer. The clarity of thoughts provides for a focussed approach and confident decision-making. 

Once the vision is set, we probe further to determine the missions we can undertake to make sure it succeeds. Along the way, we also establish with you, the core values and principles you would like to adhere to, while you’re on your crusade. When you’ve a challenging target, success doesn’t come overnight. Persistence to continue and the tenacity to overcome the obstacles are required. Thus, we plan long-term, taking into account all possible barriers. We breakdown the long-term missions into smaller goals and further designate specific and attainable objectives.

Vision & Mission Statement

We believe purpose is pre-eminent to passion and performance.

Here, for the sake of understanding, let’s take the analogy of mountaineering. Before climbing, or reaching the basecamp, or even planning, the first step is to be inspired by the vision of the peak. Once the vision is clear of where to reach, the next step is to decide on the routes and setting different missions to reach the destination.

Value & Dharma Definition

We believe having a strong foundation is the basis for lasting structure

Like people, organisations also need a value system for a cultured and conscious existence. These principles also become the pillar behind each action. Without the defined values or dharma, it becomes unclear for others to understand what the organisation stands for, and more importantly, for the organisation itself to make principled decisions on every turn and corner.

Goals & Objective Setting

We bring clarity to the pursuit, both qualitative and qualitative.

The vision and missions may provide a grand outlook. But, the challenge lies in turning the dreams into reality. And for realistic actions to happen, the organisation needs to account for practical constraints and pragmatic scenarios. Having a set of intangible goals and tangible objectives may set the ball rolling.

Long Term Planning

To be strategically successful, it only makes sense to plan long term

The ones who dream of a profound change, know that it takes some time and concerted effort. Their effort may not yield immediate results and that’s okay. To be in a long haul means to be prepared with the means and motivations. To expect the unexpected and try to excel to the maximum extent.

Shall we begin defining your purpose?