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Purpose Definition:

Goals & Objective Setting

We bring clarity to the pursuit, both qualitative and qualitative.

The vision and missions may provide a grand outlook. But, the challenge lies in turning the dreams into reality. And for realistic actions to happen, the organisation needs to account for practical constraints and pragmatic scenarios. Having a set of intangible goals and tangible objectives may set the ball rolling.

We seek ways to sustain motivation that are simple for everyone to rally around. We ensure the targets are measurable and monitorable. The simplified vision should be practically attainable with available resources. The set goal should appeal to everyone working on the mission and remain relevant to the global environment. Finally, there should be a timeframe that makes the pursuit definitive and bound.

Functions under Goals & Objective Setting


We research to match the aspirations with abilities

Our work prior to the workshop itself, is all about finding ways to realise the dream. We will look into your programmes, and the availability of resources to be prepared for the next workshop related to goals and objective setting. We try looking for other successful examples from the sector to act as an inspiration, and also learn from others’ failings to be forewarned.


We work with you to establish SMART targets

Our attempt in this workshop is to build over the established missions of the organisation. With you we’ll look for ways each mission can be accomplished. This is akin to mapping out the routes and pit stops to the destination. We also set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound targets for each objective.


Manifesting big visions to action orders

Here, we summarize the discussions into specific actionable orders. During the discussions, the scope widens wildly, and it is our effort to contain them within limits of the vision. Consensus building is a challenge, as different stakeholders have different viewpoints about the tangible and intangible targets. This document settles the differences and unites different perspectives.

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