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We specialize in research and strategy, communication outreach, and project implementation, among other things. Our mission is to help people fulfill their potential in a healthy environment and take conscious action for sustainable change.


Our mission is to progress by integrating

Rightful actions to benefit all

We are an experienced, nonprofit entity specifically working with the development sector, using the strategic and comprehensive approach to tell stories, to improve understanding, to delve deeper into the issues, and find solutions for lasting change.

We believe meaningful work done right can change the world. 

Our utopian idea of a better world is where everyone is cared for and no one is left behind. We want to ensure that all human beings can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment, and take urgent action on climate change. We want to undo present and previous wrongs to leave a better place for future generations. 

We are committed to helping you ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social, and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature. We wish to live in a world where we work for the benefit of each other, not against it. We are insistent to help you foster peaceful, just, and inclusive societies that are free from fear and violence. There can be no sustainable development without peace.

Integral World is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive, purposeful, and sustainable impact on the world. The organization works in the development sector, using a comprehensive and strategic approach to tell stories, improve understanding, delve deeper into issues, and find solutions for lasting change. Integral World is committed to ensuring that all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity, equality, and a healthy environment, taking urgent action on climate change and fostering peaceful, just, and inclusive societies free from fear and violence.

Integral World offers various services, including research and strategy, digital presence, fundraising support, reporting, documentation and project implementation, brand positioning, marketing and publicity, training and capacity building, and campaigning. The organization leverages strategic communication to bring positive change, contributing to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Integral World specializes in development process outsourcing (DPO), providing affordable and professional teams to carry out global development work.

Integral World’s approach is to take a broad and long-term view, building a win-win world step by step. The organization aims to integrate and better the world, using storytelling to connect people and foster empathy. Integral World recognizes the importance of effective communication in making a better world and offers services such as vision and audience analysis, messaging and monitoring, and creative brainstorming to help organizations stand out and make an impact.

Integral World is based in Auroville, India, with a vision of contributing towards global development work outsourcing to India. The organization is dedicated to universal compassion, truth, and unending education, leveraging art as Karmayoga. Integral World’s mission is to help NGO institutions, government, and CSR perform to the best of their abilities by making their actions speak, using strategic communication to achieve positive change. The organization aims to help its clients be better, close the gap, and leave no one behind.

Overall, Integral World is a committed, experienced, and result-oriented organization that aims to use strategic communication to help make the world a better place, contributing to the realization of the SDGs and promoting universal compassion, truth, and unending education.

Our Vision:

Human Unity

Integral World envisions a world where all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity, equality, prosperity, and a healthy environment, while striving for peace and unity. Our vision is to leverage communication strategically to bring positive change and make a better world.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to use strategic communication to help NGO, institutions, foundations, government, and CSR perform to the best of their abilities by making their actions speak.

Better communication can change the world.

We can build a better world by just integrating everyone. When we get to know other, we get more empathetic towards one another. We will understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, dreams and fears, passions and purposes, etc. We will together become stakeholders in the successes and shortcomings. 

By having a broad and long view, we can build a win-win world, one step at a time. Once we achieve that clear vision of the destination, we can take any route, many route, better route to get to our point. 

As human beings, we all connect with stories that makes sense to our worldview. And, we are perennially hungry for new, better, and interesting stories. We understand this basic want and always strive to tell gripping stories in an effective and efficient manner to move, motivate or mandate the audience. This is our mantra for connecting the haves with haves-not, knows with knows-not, do’s with do’s-not, etc. 

Our experience of being the integral part of the transformative development organizations will help you succeed in your mission.Our integrated method of planning and working is multi – everything, i.e. directional, dimensional, and demographical, will help you achieve a comprehensive approach.

Let us integrate together to make a better world.

Our Goals and Objectives:


Expressing ideas, engaging in open dialogue, exchanging knowledge, and empowering each other are crucial to achieving a better world. To make progress towards this vision, we have established SMART objectives under each of these goals.


Through effective communication, we can express our ideas, thoughts, and feelings to the world, inspiring positive change and progress towards a better future for all.

Promote freedom of expression and protect the rights of individuals to share their ideas and opinions without fear of censorship or reprisal.
1. Develop and implement a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of freedom of expression, targeting at least 10,000 people through social media and other communication channels, by the end of the year.

2. Create a coalition with at least 5 civil society organizations to advocate for the protection of freedom of expression and the rights of individuals to express their opinions, by the end of the quarter.

3. Conduct research on the current state of freedom of expression and censorship in a specific region or country, and publish a report with recommendations for improvement, by the end of the month.
Encourage open dialogue and constructive debate that fosters understanding and respect for diverse perspectives.

1. Organize at least 3 public events that facilitate open dialogue and constructive debate on issues related to diversity and inclusion, with at least 50 participants per event, by the end of the year.

2. Develop and deliver training sessions on effective communication skills and conflict resolution to at least 50 individuals from diverse backgrounds, by the end of the quarter.

3. Establish an online platform or forum for people from different communities to share their perspectives and engage in constructive dialogue, with at least 100 active users by the end of the month.

Utilize various communication channels to amplify the voices of marginalized communities and promote their inclusion in decision-making processes.

1. Develop and implement a social media campaign that highlights the voices and stories of at least 10 individuals from marginalized communities, reaching a total of 100,000 impressions by the end of the quarter.

2. Facilitate at least 5 virtual meetings or consultations with representatives from marginalized communities to provide input on policy and decision-making processes, by the end of the year.

3. Develop and distribute informational materials on the rights and needs of marginalized communities, translated into at least 3 languages, and distribute them to at least 500 people by the end of the month.


By engaging with one another, we can create a sense of community and unity, fostering empathy, understanding, and cooperation in the pursuit of a common goal.

Foster a culture of collaboration and cooperation that encourages individuals and organizations to work together towards shared goals.
1. Develop a cross-functional team that includes representatives from different departments to work on a specific project with shared objectives.

2. Establish regular team-building activities, such as brainstorming sessions, that encourage collaboration and creativity.

3. Develop a system for recognizing and rewarding individuals and teams who demonstrate exceptional collaboration and cooperation.
Provide opportunities for individuals from different backgrounds to connect and engage with each other, building bridges across social, cultural, and geographic divides.

1. Organize community events that bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds to share experiences and perspectives.

2. Develop online platforms or forums where individuals can connect with others who share similar interests or backgrounds.

3. Offer training and development programs that facilitate cross-cultural communication and understanding.

Encourage active citizenship and promote community engagement to increase social cohesion and collective action.

1. Develop a program that encourages volunteerism and community service, such as a "day of service" or ongoing community projects.

2. Partner with local organizations and businesses to support community initiatives and promote civic engagement.

3. Develop a communication strategy that encourages community members to share their ideas, opinions, and concerns with local leaders and decision-makers.


Sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences with each other allows us to learn and grow, unlocking new opportunities and empowering us to make a positive impact on the world.

Facilitate the exchange of knowledge, skills, and resources to promote innovation and problem-solving.
1. Create an online platform for professionals to share best practices and collaborate on innovative solutions to common challenges.

2. Organize networking events that bring together individuals from different sectors and industries to share knowledge and resources.

3. Develop training programs that teach valuable skills and encourage the exchange of knowledge between individuals and organizations.
Encourage cross-cultural exchange to increase understanding and appreciation for diverse perspectives and ways of life.

1. Facilitate cultural exchange programs that bring together individuals from different parts of the world to learn from one another and build relationships.

2. Develop educational resources that teach cultural competence and promote understanding and respect for diverse cultures.

3. Host events that celebrate different cultures and traditions, promoting cross-cultural exchange and understanding.

Foster collaboration between individuals and organizations across sectors to address complex social and environmental challenges.

1. Organize cross-sector partnerships to address specific social or environmental challenges, bringing together expertise from different sectors to develop comprehensive solutions.

2. Develop collaboration toolkits and resources to help organizations and individuals navigate the complexities of cross-sector collaboration.

3. Provide funding and support for cross-sector initiatives that demonstrate innovative approaches to addressing social and environmental challenges.


Through collaboration and communication, we can empower one another to achieve our full potential, creating a more equitable and prosperous world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Provide individuals and communities with the tools and resources they need to take control of their own lives and realize their full potential.
1. By the end of the year, increase the number of individuals accessing our educational resources by 25%, measured through website analytics and feedback surveys.

2. Develop and distribute a comprehensive guide to community resources that will enable at least 100 families to improve their overall well-being by the end of the year.

3. Host a series of workshops on financial literacy, resulting in at least 50% of attendees reporting an increase in their ability to manage their finances by the end of the year.
Promote the development of leadership and communication skills to increase individuals' ability to effect positive change in their communities and beyond.

1. Develop and launch an online leadership training program with at least 50 participants completing the course by the end of the year.

2. Host a public speaking workshop for young adults, resulting in at least 80% of participants reporting an increase in their confidence and ability to communicate effectively by the end of the year.

3. Offer a mentorship program for emerging leaders, resulting in at least 10 mentees reporting measurable growth in their leadership skills by the end of the year.

Advocate for policies and practices that promote social justice, equity, and inclusion, empowering marginalized communities to achieve their goals and aspirations.

1. Develop and implement a social media campaign to raise awareness about a specific policy issue, resulting in at least 5,000 individuals engaging with the campaign and taking action by the end of the year.

2. Host a roundtable discussion with policymakers and community leaders to discuss the impact of current policies on marginalized communities, resulting in at least one policy change by the end of the year.

3. Develop and distribute a resource guide on social justice and equity, resulting in at least 500 individuals accessing the guide and reporting increased understanding of the issues by the end of the year.



Set up under the Indian Trust Act within the overall framework of the Auroville Foundation, the trusts are responsible for proper management of the funds and assets of Auroville’s commercial, research or service units, for which they individually provide legal umbrellas.

Integral World is a registered Unit under ABC Trust or Auroville Foundation.

The ABC Trust of Auroville is a charitable trust based in the township of Auroville in India. It was established in 1996 with the aim of supporting the development and growth of Auroville, as well as the surrounding villages and communities.

The trust focuses on a wide range of initiatives, including education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and social welfare. It also provides support to various projects and organizations in the area, such as schools, clinics, and community development programs.

One of the key objectives of the ABC Trust is to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in Auroville and the surrounding areas. The trust works towards achieving this goal by supporting projects that promote renewable energy, organic farming, and waste management.

The ABC Trust is a vital contributor to the growth and development of Auroville, and its initiatives have had a significant impact on the lives of people in the area. The trust continues to work towards its mission of creating a more sustainable and harmonious society in Auroville and beyond.

Partnership & Affiliations:

Key allies
of Auroville

Auroville has established partnerships and affiliations with a wide range of institutions, governments, and foundations both in India and internationally.


Some of the key partnerships of Auroville include collaborations with UNESCO, the Indian government, and various academic institutions. Auroville is recognized by UNESCO as an international project for cultural, scientific, and educational purposes, and has been supported by the Indian government through the Auroville Foundation.

In addition to these partnerships, Auroville has also formed alliances with a number of foundations and organizations, such as the Stichting de Zaaier, World Education Fund, etc. These partnerships have enabled Auroville to access funding, expertise, and resources for various projects and initiatives.

Auroville has also established affiliations with a number of academic institutions, both in India and abroad. These partnerships have facilitated research, knowledge sharing, and academic exchanges. Some of the institutions that Auroville is affiliated with include the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the University of Paris, and the Pondicherry University.

Overall, the partnerships and affiliations of Auroville reflect its commitment to promoting cooperation, collaboration, and sustainability in the pursuit of its vision of a more harmonious and peaceful world.

Science is the differential calculus of the mind. Art the integral calculus; they may be beautiful when apart, but are greatest only when combined.

Ronald Ross
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