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Constituent Engagement:

Capacity Building Modules

We develop training materials to build political, economical and social capacities

The unfortunate predicament of the underprivileged can only be changed by empowering them to choose their destiny themselves. The effects of all the great work that you do with the constituents to alleviate their challenges and emancipate their overall situation may tend to reverse when you close the tap of continued support.

The best way to ensure that it never happens is by building the capacity of the constituents to face the consequences themselves with courage and knowledge. We study the level of understanding about the topic that you are referring to and help you create educational materials and teaching systems for you to successfully impart training. We make sure that it stays simple to understand and peppered with local anecdotes while covering your subject as extensively as possible.

Functions under Capacity Building Modules


We help you empower people by building their critical capacities

Social capacity building is about promoting the ‘capacity’ of local communities to develop, implement and sustain their own solutions to problems in a way that helps them shape and exercise control over their physical, social, economic and cultural environments. It is the continuous process required to foster the pride and appropriate local leadership that allows communities, through their members, to take responsibility for their own development.


We enable you to give a sense of security and self-reliance

The objective of some organisations is to strengthen its engagement with society and with social partners by enhancing their capacities through research and training on economic development and livelihood related policies. Without this capacity, it is more likely that the environment for engagement will be reactive and that productive interventions will not emerge.


We facilitate for you to build solid societal structures

We help you build activities through which vested parties (individuals, organizations, communities, or nation-states) shall develop the ability to effectively take part in politics or other forms of collective action. Building political capacity is grounded in efforts to support people's ability to participate in decisions affecting their family and community.

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