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Turnkey Production:

Distributable Publications

We undertake responsibility for the complete production cycle and delivery results

We produce various publications for development organizations, including annual reports, brochures, whitepapers, e-books, magazines, newsletters, and even blog articles. Publications serve to educate, inform, and engage your target audience, addressing organizational needs from administrative to compliance requirements.

Our expertise extends to diverse publication types such as brand building, research reports, market research, policy briefings, technical reports, project reports, funding reports, organizational brand collaterals, bespoke magazines, and books. In every case, we prioritize content sourcing and research depth, enhancing richness. We transform content into compelling narratives, adorned with engaging stories and anecdotes. Visual presentation includes graphics and powerful imagery. The final stage involves production, covering printing, packaging (including electronic formats), and, if needed, managing marketing and distribution on your behalf. For technical support, we collaborate with implementing partner organizations.

Functions under Distributable Publications

Periodic Publications

We collate, catalogue and conceptualise your cyclical creation

For those with an ambition to maintain a periodic publication to regularly connect with their audience, we offer a turnkey solution. After understanding your aspirations, we plan the publication calendar and content components collaboratively. Subsequently, we take the lead in producing publications such as magazines, newsletters, blogs, etc., on your behalf.

Fictional Publications

We efficiently produce and aesthetically present your imagination

When the message of your cause is complex or sensitive, we transform it into dramatic, captivating stories that resonate with your audience, fostering a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts. This approach is particularly effective for reaching younger audiences, leaving a lasting impression. Examples in this genre include storybooks, comic books, rhyme and song collections, coloring books, etc.

Technical Publications

We put together complex topics and simplify it reach far and wide

Our interpretation of "technical" extends beyond scientific and research publications, encompassing all reports, whitepapers, factsheets, books, etc., intended for niche audiences such as donors, peers, policymakers, and subject matter experts. With the aim of informing, educating, or communicating about a cause, solution, challenge, or effect, we work closely with leading experts on the subject to curate or create rich content, adding a creative twist for simplified understanding.

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