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Pursue Corporate
Social Responsibility

We value the importance of means, along with the motivation and method to make any real difference. We ensure your investment reaps bountiful social impact while aligning with your brand aspirations.


We encourage you to look at the

Conscious side
of Capitalism

If you are in the business of making a better world, you are an integral part of the solution. 

Many organisations have been at the forefront of corporate social responsibility long before this was mandated by some governments or that it became fashionable in the business world to flaunt. In general, organisations succeed when they have people as a focal point rather than merely financial profit. The businesses become a matter of people’s pride and of social importance when they give back to the society from the profits that they generate.         

Having a good CSR strategy and budget is not just about giving strategically but also about getting something by design. What you get in return may not be immediate or very apparent but essentially you benefit indirectly in many ways. The first and foremost benefit of having a consolidated CSR structure will benefit in strengthening your brand image. Everything you do for society eventually helps in nation building and upliftment of many underprivileged people. The success of your business growth depends on the purchasing power of the markets. The overall enhancement of prosperity will eventually positively affect your business. The careful alignment of your business and the causes that you support may have a direct influence on the bottom of the pyramid of your organization. Moreover having a greater CSR presence reflects positively on your business and helps in uplifting investor confidence.  

We work with businesses from primary secondary tertiary and quaternary and quinary sectors with substantial CSR budget and the motivation to make profound change. We help in strategizing your CSR direction and towards making an informed choice of initiatives from the sea of options. Along with helping you in your strategic giving, we assist you in amplifying your actions by communicating effectively with different stakeholders like industry association, Institutional investors labour consumers media staff competitors government etc. Being a non-profit we can also independently operate in tandem with the implementation organisation to make sure your action makes its intended impact. 

We are committed to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and we act in accordance with larger national aspirations. We can help you advance in your chosen path of CSR focus, whether it is environmental, economic or entity based. 

We have created a framework – Profitable Propositions – to support CSR actions to successfully adopt, adapt and act towards lasting impact.   

We help

Align you
with a rightful cause

For any planned CSR giving program, understanding the full spectrum of the development topics and carefully choosing the best fitting one in accordance with your area of expertise.

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We help

Market your cause
and make an impact

You may bring your mastery in selling ideas and apply the same techniques on social concerns for deep impact by taking the message positively to the masses.

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We help

Establish Positive
Public Relations

Why you put your best foot forward to address social issues, it is pertinent to share your story with the world and apprise them of your wider actions.

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We help

Study your impact
and document it

Given the adaptiveness and penchant for innovation, the impact the corporate world can make on the development sector is profound and exponential, if done in the right spirit.

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Integral Focus

Profitable Propositions

IntegralWorld's CSR related consultancies are focussed on providing you with strategic direction and outreach related action. We work with the desire to create win-win-win solutions which could provide you further impetus to give, and give more towards the society. We try to find synergy at various levels, your intention and people's aspirations, boardroom compulsion and grassroot conditions, business motivation and constituents expectations.

Let's help your CSR create lasting change!
We would love to provide consultation, collaborate and create something new together, or simply know you being from the same sector. Leave a message!
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We are adept at aligning with your thoughts


We can lead you in the right direction to rightful space


We strive to steer you on a
steady course

We can unite and cooperate with you to

We can think together, club together and work together to integrate resources to form a new initiative or idea.