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Communicate as an organisation

We are sure as an organisation you must be performing extraordinarily, but communicating your aspirations and actions are equally important.


Communication stands as one of the core functions for any organization, gaining heightened significance when the organization is socially oriented and focused on instigating change in the world. To catalyze transformation, the first step is reaching out and articulating your perspective.

As an organization, you are likely to communicate with a diverse spectrum of audiences. This range extends beyond spatial considerations, encompassing both internal and external realms. It also spans temporal dimensions, addressing both immediate and long-term aspects. Internally, maintaining continuous communication with team members, partners, mentors, and board members is crucial. Externally, the list of audiences is extensive, requiring engagement with supporters, gathering opinions from peers, and staying attuned to the needs of constituents. As an organization, readiness for immediate crises is imperative, while simultaneously considering the enduring positioning of your brand in the long term.

Internal Communication

While you attempt to bring change to the outside world, it is of primary importance to first set your house in order and take all members along in your change making journey. If you fail to gain common grounds within and attain coherence in your pursuits, the chances of your fragmented actions transforming the outside world becomes bleak.

External Communication

You probably are required to communicate with the outer world for a multitude of reasons. It could be for the sake of seeking support; to have a dialogue with your contemporaries regarding your concerned subject; or to coalesce the constituents around your cause. Without a concerted effort to connect and, your actions may struggle to yield the desired results.

Crisis Communication

Every crisis has a knack for catching us off-guard. The characteristic thing of any crisis that makes it lethal is its unpredictability. Considering the inevitability, and preparing for the worst is the sign of mature and forward-looking organisation. You may not be able to predict the crisis itself, but, for sure you can prepare your response for any untoward event.

Brand Identity & Guidelines

Branding is for ones that are there for a long haul. Every single deed and demonstration adds up to the value of your brand. People may forget your actions, per se, but they will always remember how you made them feel. We help to give that feeling an identity. We believe brand identity is more than form and function and should evoke feelings.

Shall we take care of your organisational communication now?