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Report and Documentation:

Digital Reporting

We harness the digital advances and social media revolution to report in novel ways

The transformative impact of digital technology naturally influences the realm of development reporting. Disseminating information through social media platforms is just one facet of this complex landscape. At the heart of our digital reporting approach lies a focus on user desires summarized in two words: comparability and specificity. Digital technology empowers us to compare structured data with a program-specific overlay.

At a basic level, we simplify digital reporting through standard means of publishing and disseminating reports more widely and efficiently, retaining familiar formats like PDF. At a dynamic level, we enhance the underlying information for effective analysis and interoperability with other systems by standardizing the framework for storing, processing, and presenting information. At an advanced level, achieving transparency enables seamless integration of aspirations, actions, resources, and reporting among supporters, organizations, and constituents.

Functions under Digital Reporting

Live Interaction

We facilitate live interaction and moderate conversations

Live interaction involves streaming interactive audio and video presentations, reports, meetings, and seminars globally through cameras, conferencing equipment, and a robust internet connection. We enable you to connect and coordinate with remote workforces in different regions, engage them in real-time discussions, and record individual or group responses.

Social Media Engagement

We tether you to the global movement and amplify your voice

Social media engagement extends beyond posting updates to your organization's profiles. We actively engage your audience, seeking new opportunities to increase reach and visibility. Managing social media reporting involves creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We handle all social media activities, from responding to comments to developing long-term goals through relevant content.

Sustained Outreach

In these fast times, complacency has no room in social media

We standardize the recording, processing, and distribution of financial and progress reports for sustained benefits in external supporter relations and program management. Our goal is to assist in utilizing technology as an instrument of change in the preparation and periodic use of reports.

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