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Research and analyse

We look deeper into your stakeholder and situation related topics, to find patterns and insights to match up to your aspirations and actions.


Effective communication requires research and analysis. Initial communication analysis is an important component of the larger situation analysis on the rights of children, conducted in support of national programming. The communication component of the situation analysis begins with formative research to gather baseline data, national and subnational information and audience insights related to the larger programme objectives.

In the communication analysis available demographic, health, socio-cultural, political, economic and media related data are gathered, reviewed and analysed through a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods. These include participatory techniques for gathering qualitative and quantitative evidence such as: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice (KAP) surveys, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICs), Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), Key Informant Interviews, Community Mapping, Social Network Analysis and others. Communication analysis also includes an analysis of participant groups; their health seeking and other behaviours that may hinder or enable desired behaviours, social norms and practices; and an analysis of communication channels.

Constituent Related R&A

The scan through your beneficiaries’ situation and analyse the impact and implications

We assemble information about your target constituents to gather or get an in-depth knowledge about the potential as well as existing beneficiaries to better understand their needs and serve them to their satisfaction. Varied information about the internal and external conditions could be easily ascertained using the research analysis technique.

Donor Related R&A

We study the donor patterns and subway their dispositions and expectations

Donor research is the key to accurately pinpointing the individuals who will be the most likely to help you achieve your mission. We take the guesswork out of that research and familiarize your team with these key donor research concepts for you to analyse fundraising situations and take informed decisions.

Cause Related R&A

We examine your co-operators and collaborators to learn from each other

We undertake sectoral research to not only compare with various other co-operators in the field but also to get analytical information on their programmes, constituent composition, funding sources and varied other information. Given the complex development sector, organisations cannot hope to run the show using only their gut instincts.

Policy Related R&A

We peruse through complete policy landscape and offer you in-depth insights

We provide a way for understanding how and why authorities enact certain policies, and their effects. We research the policy limitations and study theoretical underpinnings. We aim to describe and critique different approaches to policy making thus providing direction for undertaking policy analysis in the field of cause promotion.

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