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Monitoring and Evaluation:

Impartial Critique and Assessmentv

We analyse your performance and assess it for its merits and shortcomings

A project assessment is a critical service within our monitoring and evaluation program, aiming to ensure the well-being of constituents and communities across social, cultural, environmental, and economic dimensions, safeguarding against adverse effects from development projects. We examine your past performance, identify gaps for you to address, and propel you forward.

We conduct assessments to anticipate potential environmental and socio-economic impacts before a project begins, ensuring adequate mitigation of negative effects. If the project proceeds, information gathered guides changes to maximize positive impacts and minimize negatives on people and the planet.

Functions under Impartial Critique and Assessment

Neutral Observation and Critique

Our notice and notifications are carried out in an unbiased fashion

Operating independently from your organization, we maintain a neutral stance, insulated from the dynamics and demands of the groundwork. We bring an unbiased perspective, critiquing your work in comparison to your initial promises.

Course Correction

We recommend new levels of deviation to progress uninterrupted

Reviewing your initial project applications, commitments, and metrics from the preliminary phases, we scrutinize your work process and progress, highlighting areas of underperformance. Identifying gaps, determining root causes, we suggest potential course correction measures.

Detailed Assessment Report

We undertake and deliver comprehensive and nuanced study of your work

As part of our monitoring and evaluation responsibility, we produce a detailed report encompassing diligent monitoring efforts, metric measurements, and qualitative outcomes. The assessment report begins with your original aspirations, constituents' needs, supporters' expectations, your actions, and results thus far. It outlines gaps and offers relevant recommendations for improvement.

Offerings related to Monitoring and Evaluation:
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