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Monitoring and Evaluation:

Result Measurement

We gauge your outcome in comparison with the efforts and investments on your commitments

The credibility of your projects and organizations relies heavily on the manner in which monitoring and evaluation are conducted. To gauge performance, it’s crucial to measure the results of pre-selected indicators, monitored throughout the project’s implementation.

The outcome of an indicator is measured using two components: the baseline (the situation before the program or project begins) and the target (the expected situation at the project’s end). The resulting numbers or performance indicators lack meaning without understanding the context and previous conditions. For a proper project evaluation, progress is monitored, and output is measured in comparison with the baseline.

Functions under Result Measurement

Funders’ Perspective

We give scrupulous attention to promise and pay-off

Indicators and resulting numbers can have different meanings for different people. We can examine outputs from the funders' perspective, measuring indicators from a top-down viewpoint. As a neutral party, we objectively interpret the numbers and assess outcomes in a balanced manner.

SDG Perspective

We measure the oaths and outcomes from a bird’s eye view

Sometimes, numbers are not examined in absolute terms. Some institutions and organizations have a global outlook and may prefer assessing project performance in relative terms. Our experience in macro perspectives proves valuable for interpreting figures within a broader context, aligning with the UN’s SDG global and nation-wise targets and objectives.

Beneficiaries Perspective

We compare the initial conditions and consequences

We adopt a hands-on approach in our expertise, getting on the ground, getting our hands dirty, and witnessing change up close. This hands-on experience provides key insights into the beneficiaries' perspective on needs and expectations. While projects often start based on thorough need analysis, it's crucial to continually measure how they are perceived by beneficiaries.

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