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Resource Mobilization:

Corporate Fundraising

We let you get down to business and gather corporate support to deliver

Any resource is a good resource if it helps you accomplish your mission. These days with mandatory CSR spending in place, corporations are also looking for a good match to fund and bring about social change. As you might already have a strategy in place to have a mixed portfolio of funders, it would be wise of you to look at the business landscape to seek partnerships.

We conduct many studies related to the corporate funding in your location and the theme you work with. During the workshop, we explore the pros and cons of different corporate sectors and various magnitude of companies. We also refer to multiple other studies done in this domain to gain insights related to the psyche of corporate funding.

Functions under Corporate Fundraising


We assess the situation before you take appropriate action

We review your situation analysis and reflect on the learnings to get inspiration and find the probable positives that might allow the CSR leaders to have a favourable outlook about your proposal. We also look at ways to laterally approach the target companies and aid their decision-making.


We help you look from the corporate perspective and plan

We present our study for you to scrutinise different openings which are available for you to explore. We also bring the perspective of the corporates and help you think from their shoes. When you do this, you realise how they will be scrutinising your organisation and find win-win models of partnership.


Our study will provide you clarity as well as confidence

Our research process and findings are meant to provide you the clarity to approach the corporate with confidence. The in-depth knowledge and the understanding of their mindset would let you pursue funding from large private businesses, PSUs, corporate philanthropic foundations, etc.

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