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Monitor and Evaluate

We help you navigate and set your reasonable targets and ways to make sure that the targets are met and correct courses if required.


The pursuit of change is not a linear process but a cyclical one. We aspire, we analyse, we take actions, and then we assess the performance to judge any misalignment and realign with the purpose and move forward. The assessment can only be done reasonably when the action is compared with the predetermined expectations. Without the proper monitoring and evaluation mechanisms you will never be able to assess your progress accurately and mitigate the mistakes.

The milestones set right at the onset will provide you clarity as to set the pacing and performance according to the progress. The choosing of appropriate measurement tools is challenging and important to gauge different kinds of actions and keep a tab on the return on investment. The monitoring and evaluation strategy would also help you evaluate and assess different resources with different metrics but working in tandem. Finally, we conduct detailed gap analysis for each of the resources to study the underlying root cause and suggest you fixes to not commit the mistakes repeatedly or even improve your performance.

Monitoring Mechanisms

It is pertinent to set tangible objectives to be achieved. Alongside, it is also important to further divide the targets into smaller tasks and predetermine the ways to judge the progress and process. Without these metrics in place it will be hard to self reflect and be disciplined. While we work on the larger cause it is very easy and natural to get lost into the details and lose track of the larger picture.

Measurement Tools

Though you may be diligently monitoring your organisation’s performance, you need intelligent, relevant, specific measurement tools to measure the progress. Without these tools in place you may believe you are on your path, but it is difficult to comprehend how far you have come, and how much is left. These tools would help you pinpoint the problem areas and save you from wasting time searching for them, in case of a lag.

Evaluation Methods

With monitoring mechanisms and measurement tools in place, you may proceed with your work. But when the periodic moment to evaluate arrives, the question remains how to qualitatively judge the progress. The measurement tools may inform you ‘what’ to judge but evaluation methodology would help you establish the norms of ‘how’ to judge.

Gap Analysis

In order to keep the progress in momentum it is imperative to frequently analyse the gaps, find ways to fix it and take next steps. Without understanding the deep root causes of new challenges and analysing it threadbare, your organisation will not be able to make substantial changes for positive impact. In these changing times, keeping up with the pace of the world and updating constantly is a game changing trait.

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