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Promote your projects

We focus on the purview of a project and make it stand out. We support further by creating enabling materials with local flavour and diligently document it.


The responsibility of promoting a project  is a bit different from handling the outreach of a programme. A program is a long drawn function of a development organisation. On the other hand, a project is a limited period effort by one or many organisations undertaken for a specific requirement, focusing on a niche population with a clear understanding of possible outcomes.

We understand that a project is a culmination of many aspirations and the manifestation is made possible by aligning varied intentions. Thus, our actions always involve working and evaluating from multiple perspectives. We consider projects that are standalone or are part of a series under a programme and position accordingly. We can create a complete package for the project by developing it as a new brand and creating articulate collaterals to present the case. We can adapt and customise it to multiple locations and document the process, the progress, and the outcomes to keep all the stakeholders satisfied.

Project Branding

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We create a localised identity for the project to stand and survive on its own   

The purpose of the project branding is to make sure that the visibility of the efforts are not lost in actions. Moreover it helps in keeping the outlook of the initiative neutral to the organisations involved. This in turn reduces misunderstanding and everyone partakes with equal authority and responsibility. If promoting a project is part of your mandate then the branding of it is an inevitable exercise.

IEC Modules

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We make sure the information, education and communication aspects are in sync     

Any project's success is defined by its ability to impact change. To ensure success, it is paramount that the ideals, process and the outcomes are clearly communicated to the stakeholders. Constituents are to be informed about the purpose of yours and supporters organisation. They need to be educated about the process of change and the possible benefits they could reap of it. At the same time, their opinions and needs are to be recorded and understood, to study their perspective and improve the efficacy of delivery.

Archive & Documentation

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We diligently document your project which meets your stakeholders expectations

Recording your process of delivering change is an essential aspect of a project success. It is highly important to showcase your promises are being manifested through your actions. The transparency of the process will boost the trust factor and magnify your organisation's image. Openly published documents amplify your neutral dispositions and honest efforts to harness change.

Local Adaptation

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We present your complex ideas in a localised manner to have a deeper impact.

We understand that though the project may have been conceptualised and fructified at the higher echelons of an organisation, its success is often defined by its ability to reach the unreachable in diverse remote locations. Any top-down approach may seem alien to your constituents and the imposition may look high-handed. The same content translated, not just literally, but contextually may come across friendly and relevant.

Shall we take care of your Project Promotion?