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Promotional Activities:

Electronic Media Planning & Placement

We let the light, sound, camera follow your action and tell an inspiring story

The audio-visual medium consistently proves highly effective in capturing audience attention. We assist in distributing and exhibiting audio-visual works promoting your organization, program, project, or cause, harnessing the immense power of social media in the era of user-generated content.

We deliver impactful films and videos, producing and distributing short films, ad films, documentaries, and web series through appropriate channels. Our process begins with a deep understanding of your purpose, cause, audience, and the immediate film objective. We then identify top aggregators and distributors for films in your genre, seeking channels to amplify your impact.

Functions under Electronic Media Planning & Placement

Ad Films & Radio Spots

We propagate public interest films in the interest of greater good

We propagate public interest films for the greater good, arousing audience interest in your cause or organization. Utilizing allocated ad space for public interest ads, we identify opportunities for strategic placement, advancing your mission effectively.

Web Shorts and Series

We convey your cause in the form of continuum

We convey your cause through a continuum of short films, offering a cost-effective means to regularly paint a compelling picture. Whether highlighting brand features or weaving a story around a cause, short films engage and entertain. We screen inspirational, educational, and promotional short films for web and live audiences

Full-length Documentaries

We present you an opportunity to take your story to the depths

We present an opportunity to take your story to profound depths. Documentaries serve as nonfictional motion pictures documenting a cause for informational and educational purposes. Organizations can amplify their voice on social issues through the power of documentaries. Screening these films in festivals and online aggregators adds credibility and trust to ongoing communication efforts.

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