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Promotional Activities:

Electronic Media Planning & Placement

We let the light, sound, camera follow your action and tell an inspiring story

Audio-visual medium has always been the most effective when it comes to capturing the audiences’ attention. We help in distribution and exhibition of audio-visual works that promote your organisation, programme, project or cause. We help you tap into the massive power of social media in the era of user generated content. 

We deliver effectual and captivating films and videos. We produce and distribute short films, ad films, documentaries, web series through appropriate channels. We start by understanding your purpose, your cause, your audience, and the immediate objective of the film. We then look for top aggregators and distributors of films of your genre and seek channels who can make it big for you.

Functions under Electronic Media Planning & Placement

Ad Films & Radio Spots

We propagate public interest films in the interest of greater good

Public interest ad films are made in order to arouse audiences’ interest about your cause or organisation. Ad films are used to sell every product imaginable over the years and often media channels allocate certain ad space for public interest ads. We help scout those opportunities for you to broadcast and advance your mission.

Web Shorts and Series

We convey your cause in the form of continuum

Short films are the small canvas which allows the brand to paint a reasonable picture regularly without skyrocketing amounts spent on promotions. Whether it’s meant to portray highlights of a brand or for creating a story around a cause, an individual’s diary or montage collection, short films succeed in conveying the message in an entertaining and engaging way. We screen inspirational, educational and promotional short films for web and live audiences.

Full-length Documentaries

We present you an opportunity to take your story to the depths

A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some cause, primarily for the purposes of information and education. This provides a great opportunity for organisations to identify social issues and amplify their voice through the power of films. Screening of such films in festivals and online film aggregators can help you demonstrate your cause in a simpler way. It helps to add credibility and trust to your ongoing communication efforts.

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