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Multimedia-based Education

We produce moving stories that drives home much deeper essence

Audiovisual education, or multimedia-based education (MBE), is instruction where particular attention is paid to the audio and visual presentation of the material with the goal of improving comprehension and retention. Audiovisuals, as IEC materials, provide sufficient exposure about the subject to the audience, reinforcing their understanding. Beyond conveying basic facts, they encapsulate essential change-oriented messages within inspirational stories.

We create audio-visual aids that help you with training or educational materials directed at both the senses of hearing and the sense of sight. A series of live action films, animations, stop-motion, motion graphics, recordings, photographic slideshows, etc. can be used for information dissemination and instruction modules. We convert the selected educational materials into a series of audiovisuals to be played and explained. We work with existing materials or create new ones from the ground up, our approach depends on the specific requirements. Sometimes, the audiovisuals are played standalone, and the subject is elaborated on by the facilitator. Alternatively, audiovisuals are crafted as part of a larger experiential training method. We consistently find that the most effective materials result from collaboration with target populations. While the material development process is complex, the benefits derived from the entire process justify the effort invested in each step.

Functions under Multimedia-based Education

Course Plan

We research and create convincing plot to impact

Crafting a storyline to attract and retain learners' attention, we develop a sequential series of lessons that are simple and easy to follow, adopting a learner-centric approach for interactive and interesting sessions.

Material Production

We direct the resources to record your actions

Filming the audiovisual series involves defining visual character, emphasizing narrative function, and reflecting on location, lighting, shots, actors, and sound. Post-production ensures continuity and outlook, incorporating music, graphics, and other tools for polished deliverables.

Deliverable Packaging

We cut to create and embellish it with essence

For the series of audiovisuals, post-production plays a key role in maintaining the continuity and the outlook. We polish and package the footage of the audiovisual and piece them together with music, graphics and other tools. In this stage, we edit the materials of the shooting which has been approved and selected, all the scenes and sequences are bonded, step by step, giving them an expressive union, synchronizing sound-image with digital effects, etc.

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