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Monitoring and Evaluation:

Monitoring Mechanisms

We help you keep track of your progress systematically and collect solid information

It is pertinent to set tangible objectives to be achieved. Alongside, it is also important to further divide the targets into smaller tasks and predetermine the ways to judge the progress and process. Without these metrics in place it will be hard to self reflect and be disciplined. While we work on the larger cause it is very easy and natural to get lost into the details and lose track of the larger picture.                  

Our strategy for setting up robust monitoring mechanisms and manageable metrics in place is by surveying the existing working models and the sector standards. We work with you to determine the comfortable targets which are contextualised to your constituents and convened according to your supporters. The report further developed on the spaces would enable you to keep track of the implementation and its efficacy.

Functions under Monitoring Mechanisms


We watch attentively for you to take affirmative action

Our research studies your aspiration and different analysis in detail to determine decent targets for your organisation. We also evaluate your sector‘s performance and see how they have been monitoring their progress and what are the indicators which are helping them achieve it. Our survey also studies the range of performance prevalent to give you in-depth knowledge about the spectrum of success.


We standardise the progressive monitoring system

Based on our sector wide, cause related exploration, we deliberate with you to set high enough standards to achieve pragmatically, yet designed to push your boundaries. The metrics that we arrive at, will be meaningful and manageable at the same time. We help you recognise people and periodicity to monitor the progress and adhere to the parameters adopted during this session.


We specify the satisfying conditions of success

We enumerate the strategy behind arriving at the monitoring metrics for everyone who follows later to see clearly the purpose and perspective. This will help the middle management and the ground level staff to clearly see the parameters of organisation’s success and the conditions which will fulfil them satisfactorily.

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