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Sometimes, a simple change in behaviour or attitude can bring about an immense amount of difference. We can never underestimate the power of social campaigning.



Before recommending or propagating change to others, as a nonprofit you need to get to the depth of the problem and study the root cause. We help you understand the phenomenon behind the resistance to change, and the motivation previous attempts and results thereof. Once the picture is clear on what’s really needed and how you may provide for it differently, we find an innovative way to tackle the issue using relatable metaphorical instances. Actually, the overall success of the campaign depends on the ability to combine and coordinate multiple efforts, to have concerted and concentrated focus on the subject. Furthermore, to ensure that nothing is left unattended we can do a few things ourselves, to in effect get the job done. For any nonprofit, it’s usually hard to see tangible results of a campaign, thus can conduct a qualitative study of the impact and measure the change.



Get to the depth of the problem and study the root cause


Understand the phenomenon behind the resistance to change and motivation and result of previous attempts


Find an innovative way to tackle the issue using relatable metaphorical instances


The success of the campaign depends on the ability of combine and coordinate multiple efforts


To ensure that nothings left unturned we can action few things ourselves


It’s hard to see tangible result of a campaign, thus a qualitative study of the impact is required


We consider campaigning for social causes as one of the most fulfilling roles in IntegralWorld. Rather than having an ad hoc or siloed approach, we take them up as a part of the nonprofit’s larger brand building and positioning exercise. Depending on the target group the campaign is meant for, we create a unique engagement strategy keeping the spirits of your organisation intact. In fact we have a dedicated programme related to this initiative – Cause campaign. Apart from dedicated campaign related strategy we help you craft constituent related messaging devices for effective engagement results. If the situation demands or there’s a provision for paid promotional activities, we can handle them with care for utmost returns. Additionally, we contribute in monitoring and evaluation of your campaign process, to present to you and the donors a more holistic picture of the undertaken efforts.

Related Programmes:

We believe that social campaigns should be integrated as a part of a nonprofit's larger brand building and positioning exercise. This helps to ensure that the messaging and engagement are effective and aligned with the nonprofit's overall mission and values. By integrating campaigns into the larger brand strategy, we can help the nonprofit build a strong and cohesive identity that resonates with its target audience.

We understand that different target groups require unique engagement strategies. We work closely with nonprofits to create a customized engagement strategy that speaks to the specific needs, interests, and values of their target audience. We also make sure to keep the spirit and mission of the nonprofit intact while crafting the strategy, so that the engagement is authentic and genuine.

We have a dedicated program called Cause Campaign that is specifically designed to drive effective results for social initiatives. This program is built on a foundation of inquiry, insights, ideation, integration, implementation, and introspection. By following these principles, we help nonprofits to create impactful campaigns that bring about real change.

We recognize that effective constituent engagement is critical to the success of any social campaign. We work with nonprofits to craft messaging devices that are compelling, clear, and effective at engaging constituents. This includes everything from social media posts and email campaigns to brochures and other outreach materials.

We understand that sometimes paid promotional activities are necessary to maximize the impact of a social campaign. We handle these activities with care, ensuring that they are aligned with the nonprofit's mission and values, and that they are targeted to the right audience for maximum impact.

We believe that monitoring and evaluating a social campaign is critical to understanding its impact and effectiveness. We contribute to this process by providing ongoing monitoring and evaluation services, which help nonprofits to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and present a more holistic picture of their efforts to donors and other stakeholders.

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