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We are cognizant of the might of state run organisations and the impact it can have on the lives of the citizens. People give power to its representatives in anticipation of prosperity and protection in return.


We empower our representatives

To transform the
system for good

Along with the welfare of the citizens and environment, peace and partnership is integral to its success.

IntegralWorld’s government oriented team is focused on challenges associated with policies, programmes and projects related to rapid transformation of society across the geographical, cultural, social, economical backgrounds, etc. we support the public servants to serve the people better for common good. 

Our team is distinguished by the extent of our expertise and experience across governmental structures and layers. We look at the problem from various perspectives – global gameplays, continental compulsions, national notions, regional requirements, local leanings, etc. We assist and advise according to the mandated development priorities. 

We provide an array of strategic solutions to governmental bodies, right from setting the directions, engaging different stakeholders, to executing developmental actions. We also help in propagating your actions to the right kind of audiences with appropriate messaging. We implement awareness projects through cost effective channels and yet with the ones that yield maximum impact. Another crucial aspect communicating governmental interests is the need to adapt to various demographic groups. The challenge lies in conveying ideas without losing anything in translation. 

We work equally comfortably with the executive and the technocratic side of the government. We work closely as an integral team on specific purposes and if required we can own up the complete responsibility and provide turnkey solutions. We are conscious and aware of the functions and jurisdictions of provincial and federal governments. Our global working and conditioning helps us work seamlessly with intergovernmental frameworks like Saarc, ASEAN, brics, south-south, etc. too. 

Even though governments have countrywide mandates, your responsibility and focus might trespass political borders and geographical features. The global concerns and the interconnectedness of our everyday life dictates us to act local and yet think global. The interests of people converge at many levels and being integral, equitable and sustainable is the only option. The poignant aspect of setting the narrative is to find the right balance between the high ideals and on ground realities to position positively.

We help

Find and form ​
Right Policies

Policy Support plays a vital role in governance, by assisting in creating and executing policies that benefit citizens. It involves identifying, analyzing, and addressing policy issues to produce evidence-based, effective, and sustainable policies.

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Nudge Campaigning is a method of promoting behavior change by encouraging individuals to make choices that are in their best interest. The purpose of nudge campaigning is to influence behavior without restricting freedom of choice. It involves designing interventions that are easy, attractive, and socially desirable.

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Implement ​

Project Implementation involves the process of turning policies into action by planning, organizing, directing, controlling and monitoring project activities. Successful implementation of projects can lead to improved infrastructure, increased access to services, economic development, and enhanced quality of life for citizens.

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Engage the Public Strategically

Public Engagement Strategy is a way of involving citizens in decision-making processes. The purpose of public engagement strategy is to create a sense of ownership among citizens and to ensure that policies and projects reflect their needs and aspirations. It involves creating opportunities for dialogue, consultation, and participation.

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Integral Focus

National Narratives

Our National Narratives framework is designed to find, focus and follow through the most urgent and important issues. We know you intend to serve people better and that’s exactly what you can expect from us - strategic ideas to do that. We study different situations and suggest multiple strategies for you to commit and proceed on. We help you strengthen your outreach activities and consolidate the national narrative. Additionally, the awareness actions are designed for you to know the pulse of the people and in turn support them by fulfilling their aspirations.

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We strive to steer you on a
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We can unite and cooperate with you to

We can think together, club together and work together to integrate resources to form a new initiative or idea.