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Constituent Engagement:

Participation Encouragement

We help you engage your constituents by involving them in the change-making routine

We can only expect dynamic deep-down change with the wholehearted participation of the constituents themselves. You may achieve some extent of physical participation without the help of empathetic communication but the superficiality of the presence will soon stand exposed. Your aspiration and actions to see change is as good as the level of interest and participation of the constituents that you wish to focus on.

Our idea of engaging the constituents to encourage participation is about knowing the innate expectations and needs of the people. Once those connection points are recognised and established we use the available insights to motivate them in your desired direction. A well laid out communication plan to encourage participation and sustain their interest will go a long way. We device multiple routes to achieve the target and launch it in a concerted manner depending on the requirements of the project.

Functions under Participation Encouragement


We help you get your constituents’ personal attention

If the need of the hour is to attend to the needs of an individual, obviously our endeavours align with it too and focus on a person to person basis. Here the communication models talk to a person and kindle the motivation at a personal level. If the changes are required within, the source of inspiration to participate must come from within also.


We find ways to arouse interest in a particular set of group

At times, your attempt may be aimed at a certain group of people and you might require their undivided attention and unequivocal participation. Communicating to this group works when the individual participation is not enough and a blanket community participation is beyond the mandate and available resources. The challenge is in carefully drawing the parameters of the group and recognising the commonalities to address.


We device tactical methods to attain wholesome participation

When your campaign demands community level participation for the idea to succeed, we can create effective and efficient outreach models to reach out to the maximum. If the success of your project hinges on the number of participants then our endeavours will be directed towards achieving higher numbers along with improving their quality of attention.

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