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"Spirit of the Future" is a visionary initiative designed to reshape global governance and cooperation by assisting UN’s effforts. In the face of the Summit of the Future and unprecedented global challenges, this endeavor draws inspiration from the spirit of Auroville, presenting a comprehensive approach to address the urgent need for unity and collaboration.

Spirit of the Future

The winds of change are sweeping across the world, and with it, the imperative to rethink and reshape global governance and cooperation. IntegralWorld, guided by the essence of Auroville, has embarked on a transformative journey to help the UN reshape global governance and cooperation. In a world confronted by significant global shocks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine conflict, and the Triple Planetary Crisis, this initiative is driven by a shared vision for a better tomorrow, inspired by the upcoming “Summit of the Future” in 2024. IntegralWorld’s “Spirit of the Future” initiative seeks to explore the possibilities behind this call for global transformation while staying true to the spirit of Auroville.


IntegralWorld’s “Spirit of the Future” initiative is rooted in the ideas and ideals of Sri Aurobindo – human unity and collaboration for conscious evolution. These challenging times have shown that the current framework and the fragmented world is ill-equipped to address the complex issues facing humanity. Therefore, the ‘why’ behind this initiative lies in the quest for renewed cooperation on vital global challenges. It stems from a recognition that the time has come to reaffirm our shared principles, reinvigorate global governance, and align our collective efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using the concepts propounded by the visionary philosopher.


The “Spirit of the Future” embodies a spirit of unity, resilience, and forward-thinking, driven by the understanding that we are all stakeholders in shaping a brighter and more sustainable world. This initiative seeks to harness the global desire for change and channel it into a constructive and collaborative force for good.

How "Spirit of the Future" Works:

IntegralWorld, in collaboration with global partners, has devised a comprehensive approach to bring the “Spirit of the Future” to life:

Future Oriented Framework

The initiative will consider the long-term implications of our collective decisions, addressing a commitment to future generations. By establishing an Envoy from Auroville to represent the values of Human Unity and aims to assist in decisions that safeguard the interests of those yet to come.

Recognizing the need for a robust response to complex global shocks, the initiative proposes the establishment of an Emergency Platform in various locations. This platform will coordinate responses, maximize the use of localised foresight, and hold all stakeholders accountable for their contributions.

To ensure meaningful inclusion of young people, a framework is required to systematically involve them in global decision-making. By supporting regional youth consultative bodies, the initiative seeks to amplify the voices of the next generation.

This IntegralWorld initiative introduces a set of metrics beyond GDP, called Human Progress Metrics, ensuring that decisions are based on pursuit of true human progress. For this, we rely upon the ancient universal Indic knowledge of ‘Satchitananda’ and base the Metrics on the indicators of Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss as the vital measures of progress.

A vision for digital technology as a driver of human progress will be promoted, advocating for open, free, and secure digital futures that align with human rights, the rule of law, and the common good.

Spirit of the Future aims to support an inclusive and safe information ecosystem, potentially through a code of conduct - Conscious Communication for Public Information. This will ensure integrity in information, especially online, become a force for unity and understanding.

IntegralWorld's initiative advocates for a restructuring of the international financial system to promote fairness, efficacy, and alignment with the SDGs, drawing inspiration from Auroville's principles of prosperity, need-based abundance over want-based egonomics. This endeavor aims to prioritize the welfare of the Global South, fostering a more equitable and sustainable global financial framework which doesn’t incentivise exploitation, extraction, and extinction of limited natural resources.

The vision includes updating norms governing the idea of inner space to ensure it remains peaceful, fraternal, and sustainable for the benefit of all. The Spirit of the Future demands us to go inwards to discover who we truly are, behind all the visible facades.

The proposal seeks to be aware of our understanding of all forms of fear and terrains of threats and adapt our approach to prevent, manage, mitigate hostilities within us, and collaborate and act for the progress of humanity as a whole.

The initiative encourages a fundamental shift in how education is perceived and treated, with a focus on the purpose of integral education, the learning ecosystem, the teaching profession, use of technology, and quality unending education for all.

This involves adapting basic UN practices to face the challenges of tomorrow, including culture preservation, change management, digital innovation, strategic foresight, performance measurement, progress evaluation, and more.


IntegralWorld’s “Spirit of the Future” is a monumental effort to redefine global cooperation, infusing it with purpose and foresight. This comprehensive approach has the power to:

Revive Global Governance & Restore Trust

Foster a united and forward-thinking approach, and aim to reinvigorate the multilateral system, making it better equipped to address modern challenges and opportunities by providing practical solutions to global challenges to cooperation.

Accelerate SDGs

The proposed measures align with the SDGs and offer concrete steps toward achieving these vital global goals. This alignment ensures the initiative's relevance and effectiveness on the world stage.

Empower Future Generations

The "Spirit of the Future" commits to representing the interests of future generations, making sure their well-being and potential are at the forefront of international decision-making.

Pursue True Purpose

This initiative embodies the essence of Auroville's purpose-driven ethos, aiming for conscious evolution and human unity. By infusing global cooperation with the principles of consciousness and purpose, this initiative strives to elevate collective consciousness and foster a deeper sense of unity among nations and peoples. Through this purpose pursuit, the initiative seeks to inspire a paradigm shift in international decision-making, prioritizing the well-being of all humanity and the planet.

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