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We are driven by the vision of achieving a transformational and sustained delivery of development within a state, with a strong focus on creating success stories to establish a sustainable cycle of prosperity creation.

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A Shining State

“A Shining State” by IntegralWorld is a visionary initiative inspired by “Development Support Services for States for SDG Projects,” dedicated to transforming states into beacons of prosperity. Collaborating with center and state authorities, this initiative establishes a robust partnership model and leverages Public-Private Partnerships for holistic development. By reimagining project delivery, tackling structural challenges, and building institutional capacities, “A Shining State” aims to set new standards of efficiency and sustainability. Through phased approaches, it envisions states not merely as administrative entities but as exemplars of impactful and enduring development, contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Join us in illuminating the path to a brighter future.


Embark on a journey with “A Shining State,” an initiative by IntegralWorld, inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals. This visionary program seeks to transform states into beacons of progress, setting new standards for excellence in infrastructure projects. With a focus on collaboration, it forges partnerships between center and state authorities, fostering a united front for high-impact projects. Utilizing Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), the initiative aims to drive a broader development agenda, dismantling structural challenges and paving the way for sustainable and impactful futures. Join us in illuminating the path to prosperity and witnessing the transformation of states.

How "A Shining State" Works:

The “how” encompasses a series of deliberate steps, each designed to illuminate the path to prosperity. Through collaborative partnerships, innovative project delivery, strategic governance tools, and a dedicated focus on overcoming structural challenges, this initiative paves the way for states to evolve into beacons of impactful, efficient, and sustainable development. Let’s delve into the intricacies of how “A Shining State” turns aspirations into achievements, setting the stage for states to shine brightly on the landscape of progress.

Establishing a Robust Partnership Model:

The initiative lays the foundation for a strong partnership model that promotes collaboration among stakeholders. By fostering cooperation between the center, state authorities, and other key players, "A Shining State" ensures a united front for the successful implementation of high-impact projects.

"A Shining State" envisions a transformative shift in project delivery. The creation of a marquee project shelf showcases successful projects with significant societal impact, setting new standards for infrastructure development and inspiring future endeavors.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are positioned as vital governance tools. By leveraging PPPs, "A Shining State" aims to drive a more extensive development agenda, harnessing the strengths of both public and private sectors for efficient and impactful project implementation.

Tackling critical structural issues in the conceptualization, structuring, and implementation of infrastructure projects is a core focus. By addressing these challenges, "A Shining State" aims to create an enabling environment for successful project execution.


Join us in the journey towards creating “A Shining State,” where visionary development and sustained progress illuminate the path to a prosperous future for all.

Capacity Building:

The initiative places a strong emphasis on enhancing the institutional and organizational capacities of states and state-level institutions. This capacity building empowers them to conceive, plan, structure, and execute infrastructure projects efficiently.

Demonstrable Outcomes:

Progress is shaped through phased approaches, with each phase building upon the achievements of the previous one. The focus is on achieving demonstrable outcomes, ensuring that states overcome structural challenges in project delivery.

Alignment with SDGs:

"A Shining State" aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), contributing to broader national and global objectives. The initiative envisions states as exemplars of efficient, impactful, and sustainable development, enriching the well-being and prosperity of their residents.

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