From Vision to Action: Auroville & SDGs Model for a Sustainable Future

In a world grappling with complex challenges like climate change, poverty, and inequality, Auroville stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. This international township embodies the principles of sustainable living, community building, and holistic development. Founded in 1968 with a vision to create a “universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics, and all nationalities,” Auroville has become a living laboratory for exploring alternative ways of living and addressing the pressing issues facing humanity.

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How misinformation spreads on Twitter


Social media is here to stay. It is in our lives and our phones, in our news and our politics, and in the manner in which key events are transmitted and interpreted by the public. The tragic murder of George Floyd, for example, was visible for the world to see in large part because the cellphone video permeated social media.

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17 ways technology could change the world by 2025


While the COVID-19 pandemic has provided a difficult lesson in just how susceptible our world is today to human and economic turmoil, it has also – perhaps for the first time in history – necessitated global collaboration, data transparency and speed at the highest levels of government in order to minimize an immediate threat to human life.

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8 steps towards a sustainable economic recovery


Building momentum
In summary, these eight recommendations can help lead the way towards a low-carbon, clean energy future. By using the momentum prompted by the global pandemic, a “can do” attitude from our political leaders, global businesses and local communities, provide awesome opportunities to build a sustainable future globally now. It is, perhaps our biggest opportunity to do good across the world.

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Getting Started With Communications Planning


This Communications Planning Guide was created for nonprofits institutions and foundations. It is designed to help the staff and volunteers of organizations that are just getting started with supporter communications and engagement planning.

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Auroville – Utopia Based Inspiration


This paper enumerates the aspirational aspects of Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) and in doing so attempts to present Auroville as an exemplar to the outside world. Auroville has been in existence as an intentional community for more than 50 years now, we are however yet to implement a UBI in its truest sense. But, what makes Auroville a compelling context for UBI is its existence grounded on the ethos of unity in diversity, constant progress, and a research-centric futuristic approach. Each of these provides a fertile ground for a multitude of ideas to sprout and flourish, which can then be transposed to a larger context.

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