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Prepare IEC resources

We make information accessible to everyone in an effective manner, educate your stakeholders about your purpose and processes, and communicate your angle successfully.


IEC materials play a crucial role in a comprehensive communication campaign, serving as a channel to disseminate information, reinforce existing knowledge, and contribute to attitude and behavior change. However, an IEC campaign alone may not suffice; it should be part of a broader strategy that includes face-to-face education and guidance on accessing information and services for mitigation, prevention, and solution.

We craft IEC materials that resonate with the local population’s interests, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. Our materials are designed to be clear, communicate specific messages, and be easily remembered. Before initiating an IEC campaign, we conduct a needs assessment to gather crucial information about target populations and the types of materials likely to garner positive responses.

Recognizing the significance of local context, we emphasize identifying trainers and peer leaders proficient in local languages and ideally from the target populations. These individuals are most adept at adapting IEC materials and training session plans for the local community. Additionally, we extend our support by creating IEC materials tailored for training the trainers, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your communication strategy.

Presentation Modules

We present your concepts in a relevant, easy-to-understand and friendly way

You may find that in certain contexts it is necessary to display information about the topic you’re communicating about. In these situations, it will be highly useful to have different kinds of presentation materials to aid your exercise. These modules can often achieve astonishing results by introducing ideas, activities and materials an outsider or ordinary person would not be able to do.

Engagement Tools & Kits

We create unconventional aid materials to sensitively inform and educate people

To successfully inform, educate or communicate challenging concerns to target groups, you may use innovative IEC methods. Along with presentation, you may need engaging tools which are inexpensive, easy-to use, and quick form of direct communication to reach many people at once.

Educational & Experiential Resources

We churn wide range of informational and transformational resources

We create educational resources which are easily accessible, with context relevant text, media and other digital assets disseminate knowledge and assist in teaching as well as for research purposes. If you wish to develop alternative educational paradigms for underprivileged people we can help in development and production of educational and experiential materials.

Multimedia-based Education

We produce moving stories that drives home much deeper essence

Audiovisual education or multimedia-based education (MBE) is instruction where particular attention is paid to the audio and visual presentation of the material with the goal of improving comprehension and retention. Audiovisuals as IEC materials provide sufficient exposure about the subject to the audience to reinforce their understanding. Along with including basic facts, it can wrap the essential change oriented messages within inspirational stories.

Shall we begin preparing IEC resources?

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