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Turnkey Production:

Media Production

We undertake responsibility for the complete production cycle and delivery results

We provide the physical basis for works in the fields of film, television, radio, presentations, and video. Media trends are dynamic, impacting people’s everyday lives and influencing personal, social, and political circumstances significantly. Creating awareness, mobilizing communities, or delivering inspirational content through media can have a profound effect, fostering support and sparking global discussions.

Our turnkey production systems offer creative and technical assistance in producing diverse media content, spanning web content, social media, TV, video, and radio. The process begins with comprehensive pre-production work, covering research, story development, scripting, scouting, planning, and obtaining permissions. This meticulous groundwork ensures a streamlined and efficient production process. Post-production involves editing and employing techniques to bring the story to life, packaged and delivered in a format that facilitates distribution.

Functions under Media Production

Micro Videos

We collate, catalogue and conceptualise your content

Micro-videos, designed for shorter attention spans, are ideal for promoting on landing pages, crowdfunding, or social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Mini-docs serve as concise showcases for your cause.

Short Films

We aesthetically present and efficiently produce your content

Short films, being shorter than feature films and documentaries, are effective for holding audience attention. They serve as impactful tools for various occasions, acting as conversation starters or components of event series. Whether fictional, docudramas, or docu-shorts, short films provide room to explain topics in detail.

Feature Documentaries

We pleasingly put together and make it reach far and wide

Producing feature-length documentaries involves developing scripts that inspire, convince, and influence target audiences. These documentaries can take various forms, including observational, participatory, constructed, or performance-based, based on your purpose.

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