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We are always available within your reach, whenever you are ready to reach out to your aspiration, audience or action - to endeavour to progress constantly and consciously.


We counsel you to

Address the issues at hand, integrally​

We have the right experience, understanding and sensitivities to walk you through to the new world of opportunities.

Consulting IntegralWorld for your change agenda is comparable to none and may prove to be a unique experience for you. We say this with utmost care and responsibility for the fact that we’re ourselves a nonprofit, which means profit is not our motive. We provide our ideas and insights based on your requirements and beneficiaries’ expectations. Being an external entity we bring new perspectives to the fore. 

Another crucial aspect that sets us apart is also the fact that we work with a wide variety of social issues and with multiple innovative solutions. This provides us with a valuable opportunity to study and understand different approaches and applications. We cross-pollinate our lived experiences and help a wide landscape to flower and prosper. Also, as we’re engaged in a full spectrum of the communication circle, we understand the meta to the micro-level of working. The nuances of this understanding are indispensable and you’d appreciate it better if you worked with a single service agency. The planners plan big and leave you in the lurch, scrambling and addressing ground-level realities. On the other hand, working with implementation only agency brings another set of challenges related to brand understanding and inability to connect various dots. 

Integral world provides seamless integration with your process and helps you progress positively. You may consult with us at any point of time in your work, and we’ll be happy to contribute to your efforts. Also, we’re size, scope and sector agnostic, and extend help regardless. We’re equally comfortable working with the leadership team on the organisational level, the mid-management

Our Vision:

If you’re looking to take your organization to the next level, we’re ready to help you with meta-level, long-term strategy, cohesive communication roadmap, and elaborate implementation plan.

We help organisations at various stages of their existence. We work with a lot of new startup initiatives and help evolve their larger vision. It is always exciting to work with inspired and idealistic individuals. It is equally pleasurable to work with a large variety of mid-sized organisations who’ve gone through the initial rigour and are looking for ways to sustain and succeed in their mission. Our effort is mostly focused on substantialization of their multiple efforts to solidify and stabilise it further. When we work with the large organisations, our endeavours are towards scaling of the idea and maximising the reach.

You may consult us for any strategy related aspects concerning your aspirations, analysis, awareness, action and assessment for your organisation. We can conduct workshops, which are designed to be inclusive and incisive in a remote or real-time manner. We can also assist in your outreach-oriented activities for the internal and external requirements on a one time or retainer basis. Alongside, we can always take up responsibility on a turnkey model to carry out the necessary actions.

Our Goals and Objectives:

When it is about getting your programme related to your theme propagated, we can bring our experiences related to the respective SDGs to get your programme progress perfectly.

We, being part of Auroville, bring our vast knowledge and experience of integral and sustainable living. We present our unique perspectives in terms of political organisation, social cohesion, cultural diversion, ecological protection, technological integration, and economic provision. Moreover, our stated mission is to bolster the global efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals related to people, prosperity, planet, partnership and peace. We closely follow the worldwide actions and national initiatives related to the declared targets and indicators. And, help you calibrate your programme and align with the larger picture in sight. 

We provide consulting for the strategy, outreach and implementation with specific programmes in focus. We try to triangulate your action in the sweet spot of your organisational goal, global goal and constituents’ life goals. We offer clarity and alignment workshops and if necessary provide propagation software and regular help on a retailer model. We’re happy to take full responsibility for any aspect of your programme and execute in a turnkey manner.

Our Vision:

Sometimes, a project in itself may prove to be worth all our attention. In that case, we can help you carve a specific project related strategy, outreach and implementation.

We understand that the project can be of various dimensions, but it essentially differs from a programme on the metric of time. A project is usually constituted with a specific objective in sight and can be defined as ones with measurable metrics, realistically attainable targets, acutely relevant to organisational vision and programmatic mission. When we work on your project, we look towards integrating the purpose of your organisation along with your supporters’ motivation. And, we try to match it with the ground reality needs versus the beneficiaries’ wants. We approach the project-related planning and actions in a result-oriented manner, to be able to align and expedite the efforts to see actual change. 

You can consult us specifically for your project-related aspirations. We can conduct workshops to streamline your project-related strategy with a focus on larger purposes, expectations of concerned people, and realistically implementable roadmap. You can also use our expertise in your project related promotions. We can take care of your project on a case to case basis or on a turnkey model.

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We would love to listen to your ideas, opinions, advices, criticisms, insights, or perhaps, just a word of encouragement.

The nonprofit’s product is a changed human being.

Peter Drucker