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Systemic Analysis:

Situation Analysis

We know many factors may affect you, and you should know them all too.

This process will help you scan through the full spectrum of situations that may affect your journey to the vision. There are multiple external factors, which may have direct or indirect implications on your work. It’s only wise to be aware of all the known knowns, unknown knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns.

We analyse the factors such as Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental, etc. Under each factor there are multiple indicators. By analysing each one of them, we stand to gain tremendous understanding of the overall situation. Consider each factor as a lens and we’ll look into the aspirations and actions through it, to study various influences.

Functions under Vision & Mission Statement


We look into the situations from different angles

Our background research on the situations that may or may not affect, is quite widely scoped. Even under each of the thematic situations, there could be innumerable factors that could, at some level affect your work. We arrange them in ascending order in terms of impact and bring to the workshop, only the most relevant ones.


The workshop may acquaint with new forces

With the help of the research, we design the workshop to keep it relevant and conclusive. Our challenge is in presenting the relatable connection to any concerning indicator. With the new light shone on the topic, multiple views come forth, then our demands to objectively study each factor for its pros and cons.


The report brings out the essential to the focus

After the workshop, the analysis may bring to focus endless amounts of factors. With this report, we tie it back to the organisation’s goals and objectives and inform further planning with this new found information. This may clearly flag out the negatives, we should be prepared about. And, amplify the positives with complementary responses.

Offerings related to Systemic Analysis:
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