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Donor Engagement:

Donor Acquisition & Retention

We know the challenges of getting new donors and making them stick to the course

For many organisations, finding individual donors is the most challenging aspect of fundraising. Unlike other funding opportunities, there is no explicit need for them to ‘give’. The requirement in itself is created by persuasion and by highlighting the game-changing role they can play by participation. Nudging individual donors to give and continue giving takes concerted and relentless efforts.

We approach individual fundraising in a systematic and organised fashion. We work with the research results and your audience analysis outputs. We look at the personas you’ve identified and focus on their interests and expectations. We craft the messaging to appeal to the needs and package it in a way they understand and deliver it through the channel which reaches them optimally with a targeted precision.

Functions under Individuals & HNI Donors


We enable you to raise more friends for your cause

It takes a lot of energy and efforts to acquire a new donor. By careful study of the spectrum of prospective donors, we segmentise them according to the ease of acquisition and arrange them in an order. We focus on the low hanging fruits and slowly escalate to the difficult levels. We first test on the small specimen from the group, see their response and alter the assets for better performance and go all out.


We never let you sway away from your existing supporters

Usually, organisations lay great importance on acquiring new donors and take the existing ones for granted. It's a grave mistake. It costs a lot more to acquire new ones compared to retaining the existing ones. Efforts need to be made to convert the donors into friends and keep them involved in the change-making process. The loyalty is higher when they feel connected to the cause.


We sensitively push the envelope to unlock more support

Upgradation of the existing donors is often overlooked and underutilised instrument of fundraising. The possibility of nudging the existing donor to contribute more is far too high compared to acquiring a HNI donor. A proper scan and profiling of your donor database is crucial and in-person involvement of HNI to acquaint and network is priceless. The return may not always only be in cash, at times, in-kind support may prove to be far more worthy too.

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