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Integrate technology

We look out for new technological developments and find ways to integrate them to the welfare initiatives to positively impact people and the planet.


We believe technology will bring in fundamental change where the beneficiary is right at the heart of the delivery framework. An integrated play of digital technologies can lead to a far more agile, scalable, secure and future-proof re-architecting of the transactional ’pull’ model into a ’push’ model. Digital workflows can ensure that the processes underpinning social welfare service delivery are simple and intuitive, and provide a transparent ‘straight through processing’ environment with minimal manual intervention. Dematerialization of documents and biometric identity assurance, coupled with a unambiguous approach will be integral to this simplification exercise.

We use technology tools in general operational areas for development in order to allow organisations to apply the digital skills of change-making and problem-solving. Generally speaking, the challenge drives the use of technology and not vice versa. We integrate technology to enhance and support your existing transformational environment. Technology integration in the delivery mechanism can also support your onground colleagues and partners by creating opportunities to complete assignments on time. In a larger sense, technology integration can also refer to the use of an integration platform and APIs in the management of the organisation, to integrate disparate SaaS (Software As A Service) applications, databases, and programs used by other development organisations, so that the data can be shared in real-time across sector, thus improving quality and access for solutions and interventions.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe technology will increase your efficiency and assist your noble initiatives

Automated systems – based upon large assemblages of data and inferences made through algorithmic logics – are increasingly being adopted to make consequential decisions about constituents and communities. These systems are already being implemented in various fields ranging from agriculture to welfare delivery.

Data Analytics

We help you understand and utilise the power of your data and intelligently handle it

Robust analytics can help assess the efficiency and efficacy of social welfare schemes, thereby providing relevant insights to enable empirical policy decisions. Analytics can also assist in eliminating ghost beneficiaries, detecting identity fraud, correlating cause and effect, and sharpening policy interventions.

Application Development

We innovate and implement special technology vehicles for easy and effective delivery

Application development is the process of creating a digital programme or a set of programmes to perform different tasks that an organisation requires. From managing your thematic programmes to project implementation to donor management, applications help organisations automate processes and increase efficiency. Our app-building process follows the steps of gathering requirements, designing prototypes, testing, implementation, and integration.

Website Development and Maintenance

We design, develop and maintain your web presence to harness the digital potential

We develop a website for the Internet (WWW) or a private intranet. Our web development work ranges from developing a simple single static page to complex web-based internet applications, online processes, social network services, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development. For larger organizations, we follow industry standard methods like Agile methodologies while developing websites.

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