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Brand Building:

Brand Attribute

We ascribe core character and customary traits to your brand description

This exercise of creating brand attributes is akin to defining boundaries. With the clear demarcations, the organisation may stay disciplined with the bounds. For audiences, it’s an indication to attract the rightful audiences and stay clear of the undesired ones. This indeed may help your peers and partners to make decisions related to your organisation.

The process of finding appropriate attributes to your brand takes a bit of research related to your organisation’s purpose and philosophy. It also takes one through the analysis of situation, sector, suited audience and similar brands. The brand attributes are an extension of the leadership and the staff who will be the face of the brand. The brand attribute is the soft, intangible image of the brand.

Functions under Brand Attribute


A journey to seek and define your image

The research takes us through a journey descriptively defining the image of your brand. We analyse your individual opinion and well as your group dynamic across sections to survey the self image. We analyse and collect the details regarding other players in your sector and conduct field observations and focus group study of your audience.


We find what really matters to your brand

This workshop is a prefiguration exercise valued within the ranges of relevance and differentiation. In terms of relevance, of course everyone aims for the higher values, but the challenge arises when one has to judge the same values for its ability to differentiate amongst other players. We strive to find the drivers that are high on both axes.


Describing firmly what you stand for

The report covers the ground between what the brand is, what the brand does and what the brand means. It describes the attributes derived from the core values, and measured for its functional, intellectual, and emotional worth. It is looked through the lens of functional benefits, perceived value of quality and emotional connection the brand promise evokes.

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