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Organisational Communication:

Brand Identity & Guidelines

We give identity to your actions that make you stand out and deliver more. Crafting Distinctive Actions that Speak Volumes.

Brand identity is the mark of those committed to the long haul. Each action and demonstration contributes to the essence of your brand. While people may forget specific actions, they will always remember how you made them feel. We specialize in giving that feeling an identity, understanding that brand identity transcends form and function—it should evoke emotions.

Our branding process initiates with a comprehensive understanding of your aspirations and actions. We conduct audits of both your internal and external communication and explore the development sector to analyze similar organizations and their approaches. Thorough research is conducted around your semantics and semiotics before prototyping a few identities. Upon agreement, we further refine and define the chosen identity to encapsulate the essence of your organization.

Functions under Brand Identity & Guidelines

Brand identity

We condense your actions and aspirations into visual entity

We distill your actions and aspirations into a visual entity, meticulously analyzing and assessing your branding requirements. Our team crafts identities that may be typographic, symbolic, abstract, emblemic, or a hybrid of these. After an extensive brainstorming and mind mapping process, we present three distinct options for your selection. Our focus remains on legibility, scalability, sensibility, and relatability. We weigh our work in the context of multiple stakeholders, delivering brand identities that encompass the brand logo, typography, color scheme, iconography, illustrations, and photography.

Brand assets

Every article of your brand must carry the stamp of excellence

Every facet of your brand should carry the stamp of excellence. We conduct an audit of your brand manifestations, identifying avenues to instill your brand personality. Our goal is to extend your brand identity across physical assets like stationeries, wearables, and movables, as well as virtual assets related to emails, websites, audiovisuals, social media, etc. Branding operates as a two-way street of give and take. Your brand identity lends credibility and collective essence to reproduced articles, while their effective function further builds the aura of your brand.

Brand guidelines

We make sure your organisation presents a coherent picture

We ensure your organization presents a coherent picture by consolidating and standardizing your brand identity through the creation of guidelines. Having guidelines is prudent, especially for organizations not physically located in one place or those too large to moderate brand effect in every action. These guidelines foster consistency across direct, print, digital, and audiovisual mediums, spanning multiple channels. They empower your organization to traverse fluidly across mediums without losing the essence of your brand. Brand guidelines define the vision, visuals, and voice of your organization.

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