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Report and Documentation:

Photo and Video Documentation

We freeze the frame or capture the movement to document moving stories

We photograph and film your projects and campaigns, presenting before-and-after images that vividly portray the impactful work of you and your partners. From project initiation to completion, we collect a visual journey for donor appreciation, building constituent confidence, or simply for your records.

Our aim is to narrate your project’s story positively, incorporating context and empathy. We note photo point locations using GPS, field markings, or other references. Candid shots and action images in progress are taken, always avoiding inappropriate or unflattering content. Technical considerations such as angle, perspective, exposure, and background are carefully addressed. Consent is sought before documenting individuals to respect their privacy and prevent legal issues.

Functions under Photo and Video Documentation

Visual Storytelling

A picture can say 1000 words and talk to our conscience

We specialize in telling your story through visual media—still photography, illustration, or video—enhanced with graphics, music, voice, and audio. The visual narrative holds significance for the development community as it explores the impact and power of images and narratives on individuals and societies. This narrative might provide glimpses of a specific subject, present an appeal for attitude and behavior transformation.

Process Documentation

We document your process as a proof of your performance

Cost-effective and easy to understand, photo and video documentation of your service delivery process offers a modern way to record your work. We assist in visualizing technical documentation with images as proof, enhancing written documentation with photographs and videography. When quick transmission of your process is needed across countries without extensive translation, images prove more effective than extensive text.

Progress Documentation

We keep track of your progress for everyone to see

We document the transformative change you bring about, showcasing faces that have benefited from your interventions. Clear documentation of processes drives your search for new and dynamic ways to develop social solutions and change-making actions. These documented outcomes represent significant milestones and new developmental paradigms, activating real-life responses through an apparatus that understands your cause.

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