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Publicity & Marketing:

Product Promotions

We position your product to rightfully advance your purpose and gainfully profit change

If you are a social enterprise and we can help you disseminate information about the product, product line, brand and the organisation to the prospective buyers with the intent to generate sales and develop brand loyalty. Promotion is an essential element of the marketing mix (Viz. product, price, place, promotion) and we consider it as a mode of communication we adopt for achieving the specific set of objectives such as to provide information about the availability of features and uses of the product to the prospective buyers; to stimulate demand for a product by creating awareness and interest among the customers; to differentiate the product from the competitor’s product by creating the brand loyalty; to stabilize sales by highlighting the importance and benefits of the product.

We basically choose one of the four kinds of promotion to propagate your product. One way is to take an informative promotion route where we give out information related to the features and benefits of a product and let the consumers make a conscious choice. The second being a more persuasive promotion method where we use convincing content and visuals to influence choice. The third option is to persistently remind the audience through aggressive promotions and stay on course till you succeed. The last technique is to modify the buyers’ behavior by way of lateral communication methods and promote your product indirectly. We are adept at several types of promotions such as above the line promotions (Advertising, press releases, schemes, etc.) and below the line promotions (point-of-purchase, freebies, rewards, etc.)

Functions under Product Promotions


We brand to stand out while standing up for a cause

Product branding involves creating a distinctive set of marketing elements to set a product apart. It shapes how a product's image is conveyed to customers, employing logos, images, designs, colors, and various marketing tools. Branding strategies aim to convey the product's concept and establish a lasting impression in the customer's perception.


We wrap it with your brand identity and users’ preference

Packaging refers to the process of designing the package such as containers, wrappers etc. It plays a very significant role in the marketing success or failure of many products especially for non durable consumer products. It not only provides protection to the product but also acts as a promotional tool. At times, the evaluation of a product's quality by customers is based on its packaging.


We support you with materials to move into the market

Before convincing someone to buy into your product or service, you must nurture them through the buyer’s journey with the right collateral for each stage. Attempting an immediate hard sell is ineffective. Tailoring collateral to diverse audiences aids in lead generation, new product and campaign promotion, attracting fresh customers, re-engage existing ones, and make yourself more publicly known.

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