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Brand Building:

Brand Identity

We see the name and symbol as a mix of form and substance.

Brand identity may as well be compared with human identity. We primarily remember people by their names and physical attributes, and so do we recall the brands similarly. The auditory aspect of the name and visual outlook of the brand becomes significant for its role in remembering and recalling from memory. The decisive factor of the brand identity lies in its ability to transcend from short-term memory to long-term.

Creating a brand identity is both a science and an art. It’s an intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the organisational structure and behaviour of the internal and external factors through observation and requires experiment. Also, brand identity is a form of creative expression and an application of collective imagination, which appeals to the senses and emotions. The brand identity is the hard, tangible manifestation of the brand image.

Functions under Brand Identity


We seek auditory and visual indicators

Our exploratory research begins the analysis of the collective purpose and especially the organisational values it stands for. We also analyse your past identity and observe your need for future establishment. We conduct a primary and secondary survey to see the prevalent norms and check the audiences’ perception.


Creating a collective picture of the identity

We begin with the basics - the name. What's in a Name? Everything. Nomenclature is critical, as it is very often the first piece of information and we form sub-conscious judgments about the brand immediately. Alongside, we’ll also discuss the tagline, and other semiotic aspects like colors, typography, iconography, etc.


Articulating the purpose of the brand in style

The recommendations of the report form the detailed brief for the future branding agency. The research process may provide them the necessary understanding about your organisation’s requirements and inspire them to proceed with clarity. Additionally, the findings will also benefit you in your selection process and proceed objectively and confidently.

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