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Systemic Analysis:

Organisational Analysis

We think it’s important to look inwards and take stock of realities.

When you’re deeply involved in work, it’s hard to find the scope for improvement. That’s when somebody like us, with an outsider perspective can help find the gap. We need to analyse the internal factors like team, programmes, projects, resources, etc. Simultaneously, there is a need to see the external factors affecting the constituents we wish to serve.

We’ll help you take a step back and analyse the present state of affairs compared to the starting position. Keeping in mind the larger aspirations, if required, change the course of action to stay in line with the target. Our organisational study is designed to analyse the affecting aspects threadbare and to gain strength from the positives and knowing the negatives likewise. While doing so, we might also establish your Unique Stand-out Proposition

Functions under Organisational Analysis


We dive deeper to know the depths

Given your vision and missions, we probe into your day-to-day operational capabilities to find insights related to the strategy of actions, organisation structure, programmatic systems, staff and their motivations, working style and culture, and the gap between the required and existing skills.


We show you mirror and help you look within

With the workshop, our aim is to ask the difficult questions. This is seldom asked internally, due to various reasons, and clouds the vision with unrealistic observations. The workshop is designed to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation. We look at it through structural, personal and outcome perspectives.


The report mirrors your aspirations and actions

Our report on the analysis of your organisational consists of three main components. First, the political management to study how well you know, understand, inform and engage with your stakeholders. Second, the operational capacity to build and maintain the actions to achieve the objectives. And, finally how value is created for the organisation, stakeholders and public at large.

Offerings related to Systemic Analysis:
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