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Analyse Systematically

We need to be aware of the surroundings and the environment we work in. When you’re well versed with the terrain, you can forecast the future and take calculated risks.


We have designed this exercise as an aided self-reflection. We analyse your past and present to establish patterns. We study the performance to highlight the positives and negatives. We analyse with multiple metrics and note the results. We prompt the indicators, but mostly rely on your experience and response to understand and determine affecting factors.

We will go through your previous targets and current performances. We’ll study the influencing trends and affecting factors to determine the gap and suggest course-correction. We’ll look through the internal and external, harmful and helpful factors affecting your organisation. We’ll study various situations and how it may directly or indirectly condition your decisions. We’ll also conduct detailed screening of your sector to weigh in other players and measure the gap and extent of opportunities.

Situation Analysis

We know many factors may affect you, and you should know them all too.

This process will help you scan through the full spectrum of situations that may affect your journey to the vision. There are multiple external factors, which may have direct or indirect implications on your work. It’s only wise to be aware of all the known knowns, unknown knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns.

Sector and Scope Analysis

We understand your urge to fit in, and yet stand out.

As we all work in a busy and closely networked space, it’s nearly impossible to work with blinkers on. We need to study the surroundings and fellow players. Comparison is useful to gauge our standing in a larger picture. This may enable us to do better, and particularly, improve where we fall short.

Organisation Analysis

We think it’s important to look inwards and take stock of realities.

When you’re deeply involved in work, it’s hard to find the scope for improvement. That’s when somebody like us, with an outsider perspective can help find the gap. We need to analyse the internal factors like team, programmes, projects, resources, etc. Simultaneously, there is a need to see the external factors affecting the constituents we wish to serve.

Audience Analysis

We believe knowing your niche target audience is ineluctable.

When you try to serve all, you serve none. Hence, it’s important to know whom you can serve the best and to what extent. After all, your aim is to reach your constituents and make lasting impact, not just to superficially touch and go. Our effort will be to personify those groups and find insights about them.

Shall we begin defining your purpose?