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Systemic Analysis:

Audience Analysis

We believe knowing your niche target audience is ineluctable.

When you try to serve all, you serve none. Hence, it’s important to know whom you can serve the best and to what extent. After all, your aim is to reach your constituents and make lasting impact, not just to superficially touch and go. Our effort will be to personify those groups and find insights about them.

We help you analyse multiple target groups and find your niche. Our analysis process lists out the full gamut of intended audiences and tries to segmentise them as much as possible, depending on their needs and wants. This study is an extension of the overall systemic analysis of the organisation and works well in tandem with situational, sectoral, and organisational analysis.

Functions under Audience Analysis


We research analyse the full spectrum of audience

The first step is to recognise the impact of the organisation’s vision and the scope of its actions. Our research is the study of the extent to which the ripple effect of your actions may reach. Then, we study each audience group to see the demographic patterns, like age, gender, profession, habits, lifestyle, etc.


We walk in the audiences’ shoes

During the workshop, thanks to our detailed study, we’ll assume the role of different audiences and articulate on their behalf. With you we will try to understand their perception of the topic and your planned action. We will also keep in check their environment, interests, and customise our solutions accordingly.


Addressing few avatars over a crowd

The report is the reflection of the research and the detailed discussion. After the segmentation of the target audience groups and arranging them according to priority, we select with you the few from the top to focus on, depending on the available resources. We try to humanize the group by giving it an avatar and related characteristics. The report also clearly lists out their needs and expectations.

Offerings related to Systemic Analysis:
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